Avoiding the Extremes

I believe one of my greatest responsibilities is to help my clients avoid extremes.  It seems like there is a lot of “extreme” talk right now.  I hear it everywhere.  Regarding politics, this is either the worst time in American history (if you are a conservative) or this is the beginning of a new era of Enlightenment (if you are liberal).  I hear it with sports as well.  How many people said the last Super Bowl between the Saints and Colts was the best Super Bowl ever?  How many times did you hear reporters ask Coach K if he thought this year’s Duke team was the best ever?  How many people are already comparing LeBron James to the all-time greats of NBA history?  On the other hand, how many people would watch “Makeover:  Home Edition?”

The reason why I say this is to show you how all this “extreme” talk effects people’s view of their finances.  When people believe the investments they own will either go to one extreme or the other, then they will make an irrational decision not based on the facts, but based on fear or foolishness.  It is my job and the job of any Financial Advisor worth the fee you pay him to help you avoid the “extremes” regarding your financial life and financial decisions.  It is okay to be concerned about the future of the economy and to invest more conservatively or to feel a need to invest more aggressively because you think the market will go up.  However, it is not okay to go extreme!  The saying is true:  Do not put all your eggs in one basket.  The basket is your emotions and it is important to know the facts and to make decisions based on facts, not the latest idea conjured up by the talking head on TV or the “guru” you read about in the paper.

If you are looking for financial guidance, I encourage you to seek out a Financial Advisor that can help keep you from making “extreme” decisions about your money.  You do not want a “yes-man” who is only looking out for themselves but rather, you need to look for an advisor that will keep you and your emotions in mind, so you do not make inappropriate long-term financial decisions.

About the author

Kevin F. Jacobs, CFP®, EA

Kevin Jacobs, the founder of Step By Step Financial, LLC, has been a recognized CFP® practitioner since 2008 and has been in the financial services industry since 2005. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), Kevin is also licensed to practice before the IRS. Before 2005, he served as a youth director in Memphis, TN. Kevin and his wife, Donella, have seven children (5 boys and 2 girls). They are active at their church and Kevin is also very involved in the community of Broken Arrow.

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