How to Overcome Your Biggest Worries About Retirement

Retirement can be an exciting and productive time of your life. The freedom is exhilarating, but, this independence isn’t worry-free. Bob Lowry of Satisfying Retirement lists the top 5 worries his readers express about retirement and what you can do to alleviate those concerns:


Financial well-being. This tops everyone’s list. The last few years have made planning difficult.

Solution: My advice is to make the best projections you can, add 20% to what you think you will need, and then work on building that next egg.

Staying Healthy. This is what makes retirement satisfying and happy.

Solution: If you haven’t already done so, dedicate yourself to physical fitness before you stop working. The dividends will pay off in years of truly living.

Relationship changes. Being home all day with a spouse can cause lots of friction.

Solution: Decide before retirement about chores and responsibilities. Don’t come home and attempt to change everything. Most of all look forward to spending more time with the person you love most.

Staying busy. Lots of folks worry about being bored. That happens only if you let it.
Solution: The opportunities that can open up for you are endless. Discovering new passions and interests becomes a way of life.

Working after retirement. This is the new look of today’s retirement.
Solution: Working again for extra income or stimulation is an option always open to you. Part time jobs and starting one’s own business are the two most popular choices.

 Bob Lowry maintains an active retirement blogging at Satisfying Retirement and has been featured in CNN Money and is the author or Building a Satisfying Retirement.

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