How to Set Up a Donor Advised Fund

If you make charitable donations and have appreciated stock or mutual funds we recommend that you set up a donor-advised fund. An irrevocable donor-advised fund is a tax-efficient way to gift money.  You can gift appreciated stock  with the lowest tax basis directly to your own fund, sell the stock and avoid the capital gains, take a full write off in the year of the gift, and donate amounts of $100 or larger to your favorite qualified charities.

Donor-advised funds include:

·         Houston Jewish Community Federation’s Donor-advised Fund, $2,500 minimum, Call Linda Uzick at (713)729-7000 x322 for more information.

·         Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, (800)952-4438,, $5,000 minimum and gifts of $100 and larger.

·         Schwab Charitable Fund, (800)746-6216,, $5,000 minimum and gifts of $100 and larger.

·         Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program, (888)383-4483, , $25,000 minimum and gifts of $500 and larger.

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  • I am a member of a woman’s club that wants to put over $500,000 in a donor advised fund. Is there a set of guidlines that we can follow as we search for the right fund for us? We want screen many funds local and global.
    What questions shoul we ask? Why is Large fund better than a local fund? How can we educate ourselves about such funds and how they operate?

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