Is a Wealth Management Firm Right for You?

Wealth management integrates comprehensive financial planning with customized portfolio management in an all-encompassing service to accomplish the long-term financial goals of high net worth individuals and their families, charitable foundations and trusts.   Financial planning is the process that assesses a client’s current economic condition, and helps them structure realistic long-term financial goals.

Portfolio management provides the means of managing their wealth so they can accomplish those goals while minimizing risks, taxes and expenses along the way.

The objective of the financial planning process is to gather, organize, and analyze a client’s existing financial information, and create a comprehensive plan which will enable them to achieve their unique goals.  The plan must be vigorous enough to accomplish those goals, but flexible enough to meet their changing needs.

Portfolio management is the design, implementation and on-going management of a client’s financial assets.  Client benefits include:

  • Earning enough money to achieve their goals
  • Staying in control of their financial future
  • Reducing the amount of time it takes for them to manage their wealth
  • Selecting the investment products that are most likely to achieve their goals
  • Monitoring their investment performance, both risk and return
  • Accommodating their risk tolerance level and unique constraints
  • Eliminating unnecessary investment risks
  • Controlling their investment expenses
  • Effectively managing their tax liability
  • Coordinating and controlling their trusts and foundations
  • Staying abreast of new developments and new investment products
  • Updating their investment strategy when it is beneficial for you to do so

Wealth management provides a customized investment solution that allows clients to turn their dreams into reality.

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Tom Orecchio, CFA, CFP®

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