July 2014 Economic & Capital Market Review with Our Special Financial Planning Tip (Video)

If you REALLY want to know just how fast a month goes, especially during the summer…then just follow our monthly reviews and videos. It seems like only a day ago we were bringing you the June review…. Oh well, time flies!

Newbies, we do this monthly and even add my mug with a video for further humor. The special “Financial Planning Tip” of the month usually comes from the trenches of the most recent month, as did this one….

We hope you enjoy, let’s get started !


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Use Bill Paying Automated Checks at Your Own Peril

Awesome feature, very handy, but DANGEROUS. Almost all financial institutions outsource this service and when you click “send“, it goes without a lot of easy tracking.

Bill Pay

Our Suggestions:

  • Always wire or ACH if possible, use electronic check/bill paying sparingly
  • If you use Electronic checking, use it only in small amounts, if its big, write it yourself
  • Always, always, double-check the address it is being sent to, as most services save the address automatically and are not updated automatically

Earnings Review

July marks the end of the quarter and the start of the 90 day treadmill confession season we call earnings. So far so good..

Quick stats from our friends at FACTSET:

Of the 230 companies that have reported earnings to date for Q2 2014, 76% have reported earnings above the mean estimate and 67% have reported sales above the mean estimate …. The blended earnings growth rate for Q2 2014 is 6.7% ….On June 30, the estimated earnings growth rate for Q2 2014 was 4.9%. Six of the ten sectors have higher growth rates today (compared to June 30) due to positive earnings surprises, led by the Health Care sector….

Oh NO, Not the Interest Rate Chart

In Ground Hog Day like fashion, it’s back. Yep, the interest rate chart has us concerned and watchful. We thought rates would behave and rise to near 4% by the end of the year. We couldn’t have been more wrong. This bears careful watching, such the resurrected mention.

The trend is now down, end of Video Explains the Change !

10 Year Down Trendlines 7-29-14


Have a Great Day.

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