Leverage Your Greatest Asset: Yourself

Leverage Your Greatest Asset - YourselfWhat do you think of when you think of your greatest asset?  You may think of your home, investment accounts, vehicles or a family heirloom.  In reality, you have an asset that is far greater than any of the aforementioned items.  The greatest asset you have is yourself and the ability you have to earn an income.

When I worked for a commission-based financial advising firm, we would lead with the first question above to begin the long-term disability sales process.  We have insurance for all of these tangible assets (house, vehicles, etc) but many times we do not have any or we are completely ignoring the need to have insurance on our future income earnings.  I want to look at this question a little differently now, though.  I want to look at the “cap” you may be putting on your future income and future well-being at this very moment.


I work with many entrepreneurs and the successful ones have something in common.  They realize that their income and ultimate success is contingent upon their ability to create something of value and then market that item or service so others will pay for it.  I see a lot of people who have comfortable “jobs” working for someone else are putting a “cap” on their potential earnings.  If you are working for someone else, you are allowing them to tell you what your value is to the company or organization.  If you think you need a raise, what you are really saying is that your services are “undervalued.”  I used to think I would only be able to make XX amount of dollars in my previous career.  The thing I soon realized is that my self-esteem and the value I was giving myself was based on someone else telling me what I was worth.  It was not until I looked at my situation objectively that I realized I could provide tremendous value to others and be compensated fairly for it.

Go Make it Happen

My pointed question is this:  what are you doing right now to limit yourself and the future income you will receive?  For some people, it will require an entire paradigm shift in their thinking.  For others, it will require more education.  The thing I really think it will require though is the “want to.”  I have found many well-educated individuals who wanted to be successful but they did not have the drive or what I like to call the “want to.”  If you want something badly enough you will find a way to get it done no matter the cost.  I see many people who have the desire but they just can’t muster enough of the “want to” to make it happen.  As my own company grows, I am looking for others who have this trait.  This is hard to find today in this society of “entitlements” and “rights” but when you find it you find a very determined and successful individual.

In conclusion, your greatest assest is yourself.  The only person limiting you from being succesful (insert your own definition of succes here) is you.  Entrepreneurs understand this but many others do not.  Your future depends on you and you alone.  Do you have the “want to” to do something about it?  Only you can decide!

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About the author

Kevin F. Jacobs, CFP®, EA

Kevin Jacobs, the founder of Step By Step Financial, LLC, has been a recognized CFP® practitioner since 2008 and has been in the financial services industry since 2005. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), Kevin is also licensed to practice before the IRS. Before 2005, he served as a youth director in Memphis, TN. Kevin and his wife, Donella, have seven children (5 boys and 2 girls). They are active at their church and Kevin is also very involved in the community of Broken Arrow.

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