Living the Good Life in Retirement







It’s always worth learning from others when we’re thinking about how to maximize our quality of life.

So here are just a few tips from retirees who are enjoying life and wanted to share what they’ve learned.

Tip from Maureen and Hayden Hyde (Sante Fe, N.M.): Move to a Smaller House

The Reason: They cut the costs of keeping up a home from $20,700 a year to $5,400, giving them more time, a more active retirement and less stress to boot.

Tip from Mike and Karen Dolan (Bolivia, N.C.): More Time = More Savings

The Reason: “Retirement allows for the time to shop on low-cost and big-ticket items so we get the best price.”

Tip from Mattie Ruffin (Prince Georges, Md.): A Part-time Job to Bridge the Gap

The Reason: “The job enables me to do the extra things that I want to do” – like shopping, eating out, and traveling.

Tip from (John and Nancy Gobee, Paxinos, Pa.): Relocate To Free Up Cash

The Reason: “Life became carefree without any debt and a mortgage-free home” after they sold up, left Washington, D.C., and moved to Pennsylvania.

What’s your tip for living the good life?

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