Some VERY Positive Economic News for you … USA all time high Employment

On Friday of last week (6-6-14) the Unemployment numbers were announced. The totals were 217k additional jobs, but several hurdles were achieved.

Great Economic Numbers

  • 217k May increase in Payroll surpassed our 2007 total USA employed individuals (Yeaa)
  • Fourth month in a row over 200k newly employed (first time since 1999 … 14 years Wow)
  • 51 Months to regain prior full employment (this is VERY long)

USA new high Employment (BLS WSJ)

Jobs loss and Peak BLS WSJ

Time it took to get to new high

Length To Return to Peak BLS

Notice how it appears each recession is taking longer and longer to recover full employment. We are not sure YET what this means, but it certainly has our attention and will garner future research.

We will take the two positive over the one negative any day.

Have a Great day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS This does not change our view of frothy capital markets, only helpful for our puppy feet!

PSS Sorry for all the charts, but we thought they were helpful in showing our point.
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John Kvale

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP, is the founder of J.K. Financial, Inc. and with 22 years of industry experience is currently the president of J.K.Financial, a fee only financial planning and wealth management firm. J.K. Financial specializes in wealth management, adhering to unique approaches to investing in the capital markets. The company has a global presence, serving individual and institutional clients across the United States as well as several foreign countries.

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