The Characteristics of a Good 401k Plan








So you probably have a 401k plan, but how do you know it’s a good one? What do you even look for to determine if your employer’s 401k is worth your money?

We’ve got four tips on what features to make sure you get in your 401(k) plan

  1. Information should be readily available, helping you to plan and track your investments performance.
  2.  It must have a good selection of funds to choose from within your plan. This lets you choose a mix of investments that will suit your life goals and appetite for risk.
  3. Make sure that your 401(k) gives you access to plenty of unbiased advice. Especially important for those who aren’t interested in getting actively involved in the details of their investments.
  4. Ensure that you’re not paying high fees! All 401(k) plans have fees: administration fees, investment fees, and individual service fees. So do find out about this – you might be losing more than you think.


Simply participating in your employer’s 401k plan just because they have it may not be prudent.  Do some investigative research to ensure the 401k you’re being offered passes muster.

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