Early Retirement’s Potential Downsides







The results are in. Retiring early isn’t always good for us, and too much leisure can leave us bored, tired, overweight and even depressed.

So rather than focusing on money today, let’s talk about something else: our quality of life.

All of us have been looking forward to retirement, and have been planning for it for years. But how many of us have ever really stopped to think about how we are going to spend it?

Can Early Retirement Be Bad?

As financial advisor Lon Jefferies states; it is the quality of our extra years that counts.

What this means is that you need to clearly focus on keeping yourself fit and healthy. And, believe it or not, research shows that continuing to work can actually be one of the best ways of staying mentally and physically active.

You’re likely to stay happier longer if we’re still interacting with people on a regular basis – still laughing and joking and making the most of the time we have with the people we know best.

So when planning early retirement, do bear one thing in mind: there’s more to life than money. The more we keep our minds and bodies busy by interacting with others, the better we’ll feel.

What would you do if you retired early?

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