What You Need To Do to Feel Financially Secure

I have noticed a trend over the last year with people I have spoken to about their financial situation.  The common theme I keep hearing is safety and security.  Because of this trend, our firm has decided to promote this theme throughout all of the literature we give to prospective and current clients.  It is the theme of financial security!


I think people have been very humbled over the last year.  A paradigm shift has and is occurring and people want to know that everything is going to be okay.  The financial philosophies they used to old true have changed (or they have perceived them to have changed).  The financial professionals and/ or politicians they thought would help them have at many times only made their situation worse.  It is my opinion that people have been forced to take a step back and reevaluate all they thought to be true, especially in regards to their financial life, because of the failure of so many financial institutions, corporations and the government itself.

Take Responsibility

However, it is my sincere belief, that if people are seeking financial security from any of the aforementioned entities then they will be waiting a long time.  In my office everyday, I am telling my clients that the only way they are going to achieve financial security is by taking responsibility for it themselves.  The moment we stop counting on others to do it for us is the moment we begin to take our first step toward reaching financial security.

See the leaders of those who have failed us are molded from the same society as we are.  It is easy to point the blame at someone else but ultimately I think we have to look ourselves in the mirror and determine what part we have played (either actively or passively) in the events of the economic melt down of the last year.

Be Proactive

If you desire financial security in your life, I ask you one question:  what proactive steps have you taken today to achieve it? It is not what others are going to do for you but rather what you can do for yourself and what you can do for others.  Financial Security is about controlling the financial concerns in your life that you can control and then letting everything else be as it is going to be.  You can control how much you save and spend, however, you can not control what mortgage rates will be today or tomorrow.  You can control having proper cash and emergency reserves, however, you can not control the moment someone decides to run a red light and severely injures you.

Only You Can Decide

In conclusion, I ask you to decide for yourself what financial security is in your life and begin to make positive progress toward achieving it.  So what is going to be different in your financial life today then it was yesterday?  Only you can decide!  Only you can decide how safe and secure you will be because the choice is yours and yours alone.

About the author

Kevin F. Jacobs, CFP®, EA

Kevin Jacobs, the founder of Step By Step Financial, LLC, has been a recognized CFP® practitioner since 2008 and has been in the financial services industry since 2005. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), Kevin is also licensed to practice before the IRS. Before 2005, he served as a youth director in Memphis, TN. Kevin and his wife, Donella, have seven children (5 boys and 2 girls). They are active at their church and Kevin is also very involved in the community of Broken Arrow.

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