15 Facts About Amending Your Tax Return

For a multitude of reasons, many times it’s necessary to file an amended tax return.  It could be that you received additional information contrary to what you originally used for your return… or maybe the IRS sent you a notice about something that needs clarification.  Or, possibly you are taking advantage of a credit that can be used retroactively, like the first-time homebuyer’s credit. Whatever the reason, you need to file an amendment.  This isn’t usually a big deal, especially with software-driven return preparation – but there are a few things you should know about your amended return.

Ten Facts About Amended Returns

The IRS has published, in their Tax Tip 2010-72, their top ten list of facts that they’d like you to know about amending your federal tax return:

1. If you need to amend your return, use Form 1040X, Amended US Individual Income Tax Return. 2. Use Form 1040X to correct previously filed Forms 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ.  The 1040X can also be used to correct a return filed electronically; however, you can only paper-file an amended return. 3. You should file an amended return if you discover any of the following items were reported incorrectly:  filing status, dependents, total income, deductions, or credits. 4. Generally, you do not need to file an amended return for math errors.  The IRS will automatically make the correction. 5. You usually do not need to file an amended return because you forgot to include tax forms such as W2s or schedules.  The IRS normally will send a request asking for these documents. 6. Be sure to enter the year of the return you are amending at the top of Form 1040X.  Generally you must file Form 1040X within three years from the date you filed your original return or within two years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later. 7. If you are amending more than one tax return, prepare a 1040X for each return and mail them in separate envelopes to the IRS center for the area in which you live.  The 1040X instructions list the addresses for the centers. 8. If the changes involve another schedule or form, you must attach the changed form to the 1040X. 9. If you are filing to claim an additional refund, wait until you have received your original refund before filing Form 1040X.  You may cash that check while waiting for any additional refund. 10. If you owe additional tax for 2009, you should file Form 1040X and pay the tax as soon as possible to limit interest and penalty charges.  Interest is charged on any tax not paid by the due date of the original return, without regard to extensions.

In Addition…

In addition to the top ten from the IRS, you should also keep these things in mind:

11. Consider if the change impacts your state return; file an amended return with your state using the instructions from your state. 12. If you’re filing for a retroactive credit (like the First-Time Homebuyer’s credit) consider how the credit could be impacted by changes in your filing status, income, etc., if you filed it for the current year instead of retroactively.  It could be in your favor to claim the credit currently, albeit much later, rather than retroactively. 13. Although the “rule of thumb” time limitation for filing amended returns is the later of 3 years after the filing date of the original return including extensions or 2 years after the tax is paid, for certain items, the time limitation is extended.  For example, for disability where the taxpayer is unable to manage financial affairs, the period of limitation for filing a claim for refund is suspended until the disability is no longer an issue.  Another example is worthless debts or securities:  the limitation is 7 years after the due date of the return for the year that the debt or security became worthless. 14. It is not allowable to change your filing status from Married Filing Jointly to Married Filing Separately after the due date of the return, including extensions. 15. If you file Form 1040X on or before due date of the original return, the 1040X will be treated as the original return.

As always, contact your tax professional to help you with your amended return if you have questions or concerns.  See the National Association of Enrolled Agents’ website for a list of tax professionals in your area (or call me if you like).

About the author

Jim Blankenship, CFP®, EA

Jim Blankenship is the founder and principal of Blankenship Financial Planning, Ltd., a financial planning firm providing hourly, as-needed financial planning and advice. A financial services professional for over 25 years, Jim is a CFP professional and has earned the Enrolled Agent designation, a designation that qualifies him as enrolled to practice before the IRS. Jim is also a NAPFA-registered financial advisor, which designates him as a Fee-Only Financial Advisor.

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  • I inadvertent added my federal taxes withheld, twice on my 2015 return, now the IRS wants me to pay the difference plus interest. Is it too late for me to amend my 2015 return to correct the error?

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  • I have discovered an error on my return and need to file an amended return. The amended return now shows I owe a balance. The original refund was offset in it’s entirety. Will they collect the amount owed from the receiving agency?
    Thank you in adcancer for your help

      • If I understand correctly, you had a refund coming on your original return but another governmental entity received your refund. Now that you are amending the return, that original refund would have been lowered (you owe money with the amendment).

        Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to this question. If I had to guess, I’d bet that you will have to pay up the difference with your amended return. Once the other agency has the money, I doubt if you’ll get it back with the amendment.

        I suggest checking with the IRS and the agency in question for more information.

  • My medical insurance company incorrectly deducted $16.68 from my income for my tax deductible prepaid medical card. Now my company is re-issuing my 2016 W-2 to show me the increased income. Do I need to re-do my 2016 state and federal income taxes for such a low amount?

  • I have a Coverdell ESA and just realized that I did not claim some qualified expenses from previous tax years. I’d like to withdraw these expenses from my Coverdell ESA. Do I need to file an amended return, or is keeping documentation sufficient?

  • I got a letter from the IRS saying they received a document on Apr28 2017 and that there still working on my account and they’ll need an additional 45 days to send a complete response on what action they are taking. What does that mean??

  • HI, I filed a 1040x to amend my 2015 tax return (received additional 1099k). This was back in September 2016. I received a notice from IRS that they processed my requested changes on December 29. 2016. Today, 5.26.17, I get a CP2000 from my original tax return saying I didn’t report the 1099k earnings. Does the IRS not know that I did report the earnings on a 1040x? What now?

    • The CP2000 should give you options for communicating with the IRS about this. Use those options to explain that you’ve amended the return to include this 1099 information.

      It’s just one department not keeping up with the other. It pays to keep good documentation of all your interactions with them!

  • Hi,

    Should we calculate penalties and interest on reduced refund on form 1040X. My original return had a refund of $5,000, but after amending it, the refund reduced to $3,000

    • You could, but I doubt if you’d get it right. That’s not an indictment of your calculating skills, it’s just that the IRS has their own way of doing things. At any rate, it’s probably simplest to let them calculate any penalties and interest. They’ll send you a bill.

  • Hi Jim,

    I filled the return with a wrong form 1040EZ. I should have been using the 1040A for claiming education credit. My question is when sending 1040X to IRS, should I also include a new 1040A? My concern is that the correction needs to transfer from 1040EZ to 1040A. (btw, I filled the return for the first time as resident alien)

    Thank you.


  • I got my state refund $400 lower than the return I sent in. When I called the AZDOR, a seemingly unsure customer service rep told me that one of the charities I donated to on a fully-refundable credit did not submit paperwork proving my donation, so the AZDOR simply chopped my refund. You’d think they could have just called me, since I have all the paperwork on all credits. The CSR told me to file an Amended Return and attach all receipts. The thing is, my original return was 100% correct, it’s just that I need to prove the credit with a receipt – is it accurate that now I need to spend the time filling out an Amended Return or did the CSR not know the correct procedure? Curious if anyone had encountered this situation. Thanks.

    • I’ve never heard of that situation. Generally if there is a question the agency will contact the taxpayer for validation. Maybe this is AZDOR’s way of getting your attention without having to send you a personalized letter; plus many people wouldn’t call in and ask about it!

  • I received a correspondence letter from the IRS on May 5,2016 for tax year 2016 asking for details of Schedule A line 21 which was a high number for unreimbursed employee expenses. I replied with a letter stating a number less than 1/4 th the original number and backed it up with documentation. Now I am scared to death that I will get audited for 2 more years –2015 and 2014 because I used a large number on the same line….The correspondence later stated not to fill out a 1040X for 2016.

    My question to you is: should I fill out a separate 1040X for 2015 tax year and 2014 tax year to amend the itemized deduction mistake or should I wait to hear back 6-8 weeks for a reply from the IRS? Also, what about 1040X for state for 2016, 2015, and 2014?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hi
    I filed the form 1040NR-EZ for my tax return 2016. I did in my university. last week I received the letter from IRS that it says I must complete the form 8962.( I had Obamacare insurance).
    Based on form 8962 instructions, I can’t fill out form 8962 from 1040NR-EZ. Would you please help me, how can I fill out form 8962 when I filed form 1040NR-EZ for tax return?

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    • My tax professional forgot to send in my form for the healthcare marketplace to see if I overpaid or under paid, I over paid so I’m getting an additional 590 back, before he sends in this 1040x will I get my original refund first or will I have to wait the extra 12 weeks now for them to add this 590? Thank you,


  • I filed for my tax 1040 2015. Unfortunately the tax preparer made a mistake by filing status as SINGLE instead of HEAD of HOUSE HOLD. He also made mistake by not putting my Dependents .
    I already filed for FAFSA by using Head of household and claiming my Dependents . It was when I sent it and looked at My 2015 Tax retun I realized the missing points.
    Now the college is asking for a copy of the 2015 Tax transcripts which contains Single and no dependent. What do I do ?
    I requested for 1040X tax Amendment but it will take about 6-8 weeks before I get it back. Meanwhile it will be too late to send it to Financial Aid office. What do I do?
    FAFSA had already approved my daughter for Pell Grant. Can I go to the site for FAFSA to make correction and still send the faulty 2015 Tax Transript to financial aid office then wait for response OR I write a signed accompanied note that I have already requested for TAX amendment .

  • Tricky situation. We are currently on a payment plan for past owed taxes from my husband. We had not finished his taxes yet for the 2014 season so we filed married separate. I received a refund and he owed 3900 which went into the pot for taxes owed. I sent in the amended return filing jointly this year as I did not realize we could do that. Will the -3900 that he owes come out of what he owes total for back taxes? The amended return showed a refund of 4600.00 so Im assuming they subtract what I originally received as a refund from the new amount and use the remainder to pay towards the back tax. My big question is will the fees and 3900 get taken from that total as well since the return was amended and now shows a bigger refund?
    Thank you

  • Hi Mr. Blankenship, My boyfriend passed away in 2004 and his brother lives a few houses down from me and helps me a lot with my kids since I have multiple health issues and I’m sick a lot.. So I always let his brother claim my kids.. This year his taxes got audited and instead of him putting niece/nephew he put son/daughter and due to the EIC the IRS wants proof that he is allowed to claim them and that they lived with him.. The IRS said that because I have custody of the kids and they are on public benefits that if he claims them then that could be considered fraud.. What is the best way to resolve this issue? Is it possible we can both amend our taxes and I can add the kids onto my taxes and he can remove them from his? Or since he is related to them is he allowed to claim them?

  • Hello
    I would like to ask i claim my parents as my tax dependent for the year of 2016. They are out of the country. And they dont file a return. I would like to unclaim them , can i do ammendement for this?
    Pls advice.

    Thank you,

  • Dr Mr Blankenship, I just realized on my 1040a I used the social security wages instead of wages, tips,other compensations to figure my taxes. So my question has two parts…do I need to file a 1040x or will the irs catch it and how do I go about filing my state taxes. Thank you and hopefully you can answer very soon since today is Friday and state is due Monday. HELP!!!
    Noemi Pearce

    • You should correct this error on your federal return. I assume you are asking about the state because the state forms are driven by the federal return? If so, once you have the federal return calculated you should have the information you need for the state return.

  • Dear Mr. Blankenship:
    My husband retired from the USPS in January 2004. He receives an annuity monthly. In box 2a of his CSA 1099 it always says” UNKNOWN. Last year I used H&R Block software for our 2015 return and we paid over $1000. to IRS. On the H&R Block return, it counted the entire monthly pension taxable. It also counted a large portion of his SS benefits as taxable. My husband’s current age is 71. This year we used Turbo tax online and they did not find the monthly pension to be taxable nor his SS benefits. As a result we received a refund for our 2016 return. My husband supplements our income by working a full time security job and that was counted for both W2 from 2016 increased by $200.00 My question is: Do you think with the information that I have provided that I should file an amended 2015 return? If so, how is there any software that you recommend for me to use? I would not know how to explain the difference/reason for the 2015 pension being taxable and the 2016 not taxable. Thanking you in advance for any help/answers you can give me.


    • There’s a very complicated formula that must be used to determine the taxability of some government pensions. It has to do with the amount of contributions he made through his career offsetting some of the distribution he’s receiving now. Counting all of the pension as taxable is not correct, nor is counting none of it. I suggest that you talk to a CPA or other tax preparer who is familiar with these pensions for advice.

  • My uncle whom is married has been filing his taxes as head of the house for several years now. His daughter, my cousin, is currently in high school and is going through the FASFA process and and it has been put to attention, for her father to ammend his taxes. However, her family is afraid he owes too much; and he has a low income so, he cannot ammend his taxes right away. What shall my cousin do?

  • Hi my 2013 tax return was changed by the IRS and the taxes owed were taken last year from my 2015 tax return refund. I know from talking to a friend that my original tax preparer made a mistake and I can get some of the taxes paid back with an amended return, but she said I am past the 3 year mark. Since the taxes owed were actually paid last year, can I still file the amended return?

  • Hello I have a question, I sent in my 2013 taxes in 2016 due to completely forgetting about it. As it turns out the nys tax department kept saying that they did not receive some documents that they had requested even though I sent it out a multitude of times. So finally I was able to fax it out to them and they finally mailed a check out today but with also an adjusted amount that is far less that what I was originally due as a refund. Being that my last day to amend was 15 April 2017 will I be able to amend due to receiving the refund and letter after the due date? Or should I just say forget about the amendment. Apparently one of credits claimed was incorrect, I was suppose to claim the it 215 but apparently I claimed the it 209 as well as the it 215…smh.

  • Hello, I have a question? My daughter’s father and I have a court order that states he can claim her on even years and I on odd. Well in 2015 I did not claim her, but I don’t remember if I tried but It got rejected because he claimed her. Her father and I are not in talking terms so I just can’t ask. So MY question is how do I go about amending my 2015 taxes?

  • I received an IRS notice of proposed change on my prior year tax return. It was due to the fact I mistakenly did not report gambling winnings (W-2G). However, I also did not claim associated gambling losses.
    Questions: In response to the notice and proposed change, can I simply attach an explanation along with the amended tax return? The amended return will show the gambling winnings and the corresponding deduction for gambling loss.
    My other question is: Should I attach back up documents such statements, canceled checks, etc. in order to prove my deduction?

    • Yes, that is an appropriate way to resolve this situation, by attaching your explanation and amended return.

      You would not attach your backup documents to the amendment, but keep those documents in case the IRS wants to audit your return at some point in the future.

  • My mom filed taxes last year and the preparer did everything wrong. Now she owes money. She sent the preparer all of her information again so that everything could be corrected in time before any money was due. The preparer lied and said everything was fixed. My mother still didn’t receive any taxes last year. This year she filed her taxes and they took all of it and said that she still owes money. She called the IRS and was told to file an amended return. She did, but never heard anything back. Is there any way for her to correct all of this and get her money back? Can the tax preparer get in trouble for preparing her taxes wrong?

    • Without seeing the returns I have no way to answer your questions, other than to say that a tax preparer can get in trouble if they knowingly falsified information on a tax return. Ultimately the responsibility is on the taxpayer to pay the tax that is owed, regardless of whether a tax preparer filed the return incorrectly.

  • I did my 2017 Federal taxes and filed on time. In doing my state taxes I noticed that I did not put my SSN on my federal tax forms! What do I do?

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  • My wife filled her 2016 tax return in January using Tax Act as Married filing separately and accidently checked the box that states that I do not work and no one can claim me as a dependent. However this is not the case. When I filed my return with Tax Act as Married filing separate it kicked the Federal return back to me as rejected citing that my SSN was used in another return as Married filing Jointly. It did not reject my state return but accepted it.

    We do not owe anything however I would like to go back and amend our returns as Married filing jointly the correct way. What is the easies way to do this?

    She already received both of her payouts from the IRS and state and my state return should be on it’s way soon. How should I handle this.

    Thank you!

    • I suggest talking to Tax Act to see if her return was actually filed as MFJ instead of Separately. If so then you just need to amend the return to include your income. If not, then Tax Act should be able to guide you to resolve the situation.

      If that’s not going to work for you then get a copy of the filed tax return and go to a tax preparer to have them help you with the process.

  • Hello
    My ex (never married) and me agreed to take turns in claiming our child. I did 2015. He does 2016.
    I am married now and filing jointly with my husband. However my husband is not working for two years and its his personal choice.
    2015 brought me a refund and 2016 I owe – a lot – (because I had put my kid on my tax employment form and they were taking less monthly).
    My ex now is forcing me to amend my return for 2015 so that he gets a tax break. How would it effect me?
    Best regards,

  • My daughter had a part time job over the summer of 2015 making less than $5,000 but she never filed her taxes for 2015. She would be due a refund. Do we use a 1040x for an amended return or can we use a 2015 1040EZ?
    Thank you.

  • My sister married last year but her husband couldnt work most of the year because of residency issues. He did work the last couple of months but their income together was under 20,000. She filed without his 1099 because by the 15th of April it hadnt arrived in the mail yet. She was due 1000 back.
    He got his 1099 on the 17th and she tried to do an amended return and now they owe 350.
    1) Being that their combined income is under the 20000 for required returns, is there a way to amend it so they dont owe?
    2) Should his small earnings of 1600 be enough to kick them into owing or was something probably filed incorrectly?

    How to fix this?

    • If the amendment was done correctly, the $350 is money that is owed back after the $1,000 refund from the original return. So effectively they were due a refund of $650. If they don’t have the money to pay the $350 owed, they can wait until the refund comes and then send in the amendment with the amount owed. There would be penalties and interest involved by then, so the sooner the better.

      Without examining the return I can’t say whether it is calculated correctly, it sounds like the addition of his 1099 income is resulting in a very high rate of taxation (>21%). Most likely it made some changes to credits in addition to increasing income.

  • My Son who is in his last year of college got married in July. From my research, if He and his wife file married separately, and he meets all the other criteria for claiming him as a dependent, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

    My Daughter in Law filed her taxes, Married Separate, but entered my Sons SSN because it wouldn’t let her leave it blank in TurboTax where she filed electronicly.

    When I tried to submit my taxes, claiming my Son, it was rejected for Rule IND-512-01. Dependent can’t be spouse on another return.

    How does my Daughter in Law amend this to remove my Son’s SSN from her return. Does she just simply mail in a 1040x with some kind of note attached to explain that the SSN needs removed?

    Thank you for your time.

    • One more thing to add, she used TurboTax,even though she did enter his SSN because it wouldn’t let her continue unless she did,it isn’t on any of the tax forms when she printed it out

      • I don’t use TurboTax so I can’t explain what the problem is there. Otherwise, what you’ve described is correct, you should be able to claim your son as a dependent.

        Not sure what needs to be amended on the daughter-in-law’s return since you say she doesn’t claim him on the return. I’d need to examine to get an understanding of what needs to be amended. You might ask Turbo why it’s working out that way.

  • I have been filing my taxes the last 5 years with Free Tax USA and with good satisfaction. However this year the software gave me no way to account for an installment sale I made where I carry the note for the next 10 years. Free Tax USA states that their software does not support Form 6252. So what I’m planning to do is add the interest received this year 2016, and simply include it with the interest this individual paid me on another seller financed loan which has no capital gains on the sale of farmland. Then when I have more time I will file an amended return when I’m back in the states in 3 months to include the 6252 and the prorated income of $351 on principal paid in 2016.
    Is my thinking good ??

    • If you’ve accounted for the income completely then it should work – the biggest problem is if you under-report income intentionally. You might include the additional $351 as “Other income” (line 21) on the original return and then correct that when you file the amendment with the income on Form 6252.

  • In 2012 I filed my 1099R under line 16a on my 1040. Since I was under retirement age, I should have used line 7 on the 1040. I want to file an amended return so that I earn more Social Security credits. I don’t see anywhere to show this correction on a 1040X. Should I just explain on the bottom portion? Thank you.

  • Hello Jim,

    I received a CP2000 with two items flagged from our 2015 return; a HSA distribution and an IRA distribution.

    First, for our HSA (Health Savings Account) we received a distribution of $1,553 for which we received a 1099-SA from our bank. The entire amount was used for medical expenses and on our Federal form, ‘0’ was indicated as the taxable amount. Can this be cleared by providing copies of all checks written from the HSA account for the $1,553?

    Second, we withdrew $6,666 from a traditional IRA. We payed the federal tax on this amount and used the rest to pay tuition to a qualifying secondary education institution. So on our Federal form, we indicated ‘0’ as the amount subject to penalty. How would we handle this situation? We do have records of the deposit of the withdrawl into our checking account and payment made to the college.

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • I’d have to see the notice and your returns to be able to answer this.

      Effectively you need to substantiate your position with regard to these two items. As you’ve described, receipts showing the expenditures are going to be necessary to do this. Also, make sure you’re not using the same expenses elsewhere on your return – for example, you can’t use the same education expenses for the American Opportunity Credit as you’re using to avoid the IRA penalty.

  • My husband has been self-employed since 2010 but has been working hire entire life since he was 18. We have appropriately filed tax returns using a 1040 schedule C long form. The first couple of years a loss was reported on our tax return that resulted in $0 wages reported to social security. Years 2010-2012 were a loss, year 2013 reported $1800 gain and 2014 was a $5200 gain. 2015 was a loss and we have not filed yet for 2016 but do anticipate a gain.
    My husband was injured in a severe accident in Nov 2016 and became disabled. We have applied for Social Security Disability and they have denied him because of not enough work credits. this is due to the losses reported in 2010-2012, 2015 and according to SS he has to have consecutive wages in the last 10 years since disability.
    We were thinking of amending our tax returns to show a gain the years that we have a loss but not sure if this is allowed and also not sure how many years we can amend and show reported on Social Security.
    We have consulted several attorneys and they said they can help because not having enough work credits is a “technical” decision that can’t be appealed.

  • Can I go back to my 2014 and 2015 and amend my taxes to take off the self-employed tax? I’m a contract worker for a real estate agency and I get a W2 from them. They don’t take out taxes, but they do file me as a worker on their taxes. I was wondering why I owed so much taxes. If not, let me know it there is anything else I can do.

  • Hi, long story short
    I have done my taxes in turbo tax and never had a problem for 5 years.
    Then on 2014 my coworker recommended me to use someone she use as well, and worked out great for her.

    I gave him a call and he promised that he was legit, and that he does everything right.

    The first year I used him was on 2014
    I got back of a refund of about 1,500

    Then on 2015 I got back a refund of 3,200

    Now both refund were about right because I also checked in turbo tax so they both seemed reasonable.

    He did my taxes over the phone since he lives in west palm and I live in orlando, I never sign for anything, and when I ask him can he email me a pdf file for my returns so that I can see them and sign, he said he already took care of it, and that the refunds are sent to the IRS.
    I didn’t really think anything of it. Because when you put someone who is licensed to file your returns you don’t think of them being untruthful.

    in 2016 I needed my returns.. I then asked him where are my returns? that I keep asking for? He said I’ll mail them right now, of course this time I called non stop and even told him I’ll fly over to west palm, then I got them mailed.

    As I start looking at them, I say ok this and this is correct, but when I got to the back towards the end of my returns he had put that I had a lost in business, and he enter a high amount, I was so confuse on why that was on my returns, I called and called and texted and he never responded. I told him I was going to call the IRS. And that’s when he responded, and said I don’t know what your talking about.?

    At this point I’m levit. I emidietly went to a professional to get my taxes amended as soon as I found out, now because of him I have to pay back $4,thousand.

    this has impacted me tremendously, I’m now in total fear, because I’m responsible for my taxes, but I had no ideas he did this, I never told him to do it. I won’t even know how to even file that.

    but here’s the other thing he did, he said my returns were 3,200 and that’s he amount he send to the IRS, but on my returns it show me getting a refund of 4,200. So he did it for himself, so that he can bank on it. He got paid over one thousand. And I don’t know how he did it. I will never again trust a tax preparer and I will stick with a compute base site, as to I know it will not commit fraud against my will.

    I found in the IRS site the form to file a complaint against the tax preparer.

    Should I be concern that now I’m at fault :/ those he get away with this, and how many other people is he doing it to?

    I’m truly scare now.
    Sorry for any miss typo.

    • Since you have had the returns corrected, as long as you pay the amount that you owe, you should be in (relatively) good standing with the IRS. I would definitely make the complaint to the IRS, and if it appears that this preparer took money that was legitimately supposed to be yours you might need to get law enforcement involved as well.

      Best wishes to you.

  • Hi,

    Filed our federal and state returns on April 11, 2017 with the help of a tax preparation services company. While filing our FBar form at home, realized that Form 8938 also need to be filed and sent along with the federal return. We have received April 24 as the date to file amendment from the tax preparation company. Would it be ok to wait till the said date, considering we will be updating the FBAR online (deadline April 15) much before April 24th. . Would it not be better to amend it before/on April 15 to avoid a letter from IRS. Worried about this. Would really appreciate some guidance on this.

    • Yes, it would be better to amend the return before April 18 (this year’s filing date) but if your original return has not processed by that point you’re liable to cause confusion with two returns in the system at once. You’re probably just as well off to get the amendment done by the preparer on the 24th at this stage.

  • not sure about the total amount paid on 1040x, this may be due to a later adjustment by IRS but I could not find the record now, can I leave the box blank and let IRS figure out the previous total payment and calculate the refund?

  • not sure about the total amount paid, this may due to a later adjustment by IRS but could not find the record now, can I leave the box and let IRS figure out?

  • I find out that I need to file form 8938. I haven’t done before but i always report my income and paid my taxes.
    How could I send that form for the prior years? Thanks

  • Hi, We received IRS notice because we forgot to put 1099-B for 2015 for a stock sale on our 2015 return. They calculated an amount due and penalties & interest and we have sent a check with the amount and completed the response form that we agree with the changes. But we just found out a day later that the cost basis of stock sold is not correct on broker’s 1099-B. Can we make changes by 1040X ? Do we need file 843 to claim refund ? Thanks for your advice in advance!

  • Hello

    I filed 2014 and 2015 thinking IHSS income is taxable, I recently found out that income is not taxable. In 2016 return I reported IHSS income not taxable. Do I have to amend tax return for 2014 and 2015?

  • Hi, I just got a Fed IRS notice that I hadn’t input a 1099-B for 2015 for a stock sale on my 2015 return. They calculated an amount due and penalties & interest, but didn’t do it right in my opinion, since they neglected that it was a long-term capital gain sale. I checked the disagree box and sent an explanation letter with documentation along with an amended 1040X & sched D and 8949 for the sale. I included a check for the amount they calculated to prevent any ongoing interest charges, but asked for them to recalculate based on the 1040X and, if I was correct, to refund the difference. My question is, should I wait for the Federal IRS decision to file a California amended 540X, or file the 540X now with a copy of my new 1040X? I’m worried that waiting will cause me to get a similar notice from CA of an incorrect 540 for 2015 with their calculation of tax due & penalties and interest that are also wrong.

  • I overstated my self employment income on my 2015 taxes which resulted in my filing a form 9465 installment agreement. I’ve paid that off with interest. I’m getting ready to prepare my 1040-X. I’m just curious to know if I’ll get my interest back?

  • I have already received my 2016 tax return but right after I efiled I received a 1099-MISC. I’m trying to Amend my taxes now so I can receive the rest of my tax money but my question is in the corrected boxes do I have to do the math for exceptions or do I just put the new total amount with my original amount?

  • Hi I am paying taxes owed from 2010 I had the return amended due to moving expenses and dependent that was not added which resulted in me getting a refund, I realize the statute of limitations for refunds have passed but would the IRS at least offset my balance owed seeing that I should have actually gotten a refund that year?


  • My concern is, can i include my spouse on my 1040X if i’m changing my filing status from filing seperately to filing jointly, if she hasn’t file yet? the tax year in question is 2016. Or can she file seperately and we both can do one joint ammendment? I also want to include IRA contribution.

  • Do I need to file an amend since my financial advisor made an error. I made $5k contribution for 2015 but he made a mistake and made that contribution for 2016. Please advise.

      • Please let me know which form should I use for an amend. I called my financial brokerage firm today and he said they can’t correct it because it already past two years (2015 IRA contribution). Is He correct? But this was an error made by the financial institution, not us.

        • Ok – I misunderstood the question. So your contribution to an IRA was supposed to be for 2015 and they made it for 2016. I can see the point, they wouldn’t normally correct it now, it’s too late.

          I suppose if you have written proof that the contribution was to be for 2015 you might have a case – you’d need to show the check with something like “Tax Year 2015 Contribution” on it. Absent that sort of proof you are stuck with it the way it is.

          No amendment is required unless you filed your 2015 return with the assumption that the contribution was made. If that’s the case you will need to amend that return, correcting form 1040 and completing form 1040X with the amendment information.

  • My HR Block tax “professional” failed to file my form 8938 with my tax return.
    She says I can just send it on its own to the relevant IRS office. Is that true? How will they match it up to my tax return (which should have been mailed with that form, not e-filed as she did).
    If it’s not true, do I have to do an amended tax return?

  • I was mistakenly given a 1099-misc instead of a W-2 for 2015. I am taking steps to correct this. So far I have mailed off the SS-8 determination of worker status but have not received a reply yet. It’s been a few weeks. I am anxious to file as quickly as possible. If I file before receiving a response, do i report the income as it is on the 1099 or do i report as if it were the W-2 that it should have been? Can I get in trouble for filing as W-2 ? I realize if I am wrong I will have to amend but I know that I am right in this instance. Thank you

    • Until you have the W2 I would suggest filing with the 1099-MISC. Otherwise, if you never get the W2 the IRS is going to wonder why you never claimed the 1099 income. Understandably, this will likely result in an amended return down the line, but it’s better to file correctly as the facts stand today than to assume it will be resolved (when it hasn’t yet).

  • In 2105 I had to file three separate income taxes (CA, CT, and NY). I am filing to amend my 2015 taxes, and it currently shows a tax return from federal and CT, but now I have to pay CA and NY. I paid CT when I initially filed my 2015 taxes but not to CA and NY. My question is, would CA and NY charge me interests and penalties since I did not pay income taxes to these states when I initially filed? How soon do I need to send them the payment? I was hoping to pay then as soon as I get my refunds. Is that possible?

    • It’s likely that there will be interest and penalties from CA and NY since you apparently underreported income for those two locations. You could wait until you get the refunds and then send in the CA and NY returns with payment from your refund money.

  • I didn’t know about injured spouse..So even though I was the only one working they took both my federal and state for 2014..Can I amend and get back my money for those period..my husband owes back child support before we were even married..Or should I just let it go since they already take it?

  • I made a mistake of filing 2015 taxes in 2017. I need to prove my 2015 income..but I didn’t file taxes in 2015. This is for financial aid. To file 2015 and amend 2016 am I required to do this by mail; or can I refile a 2015 electronically?

  • I opened a SEP IRA for 2016 based on self employment income on the advice of a tax consultant. I was told to put in 1,583.00 and I did $1600.00 thinking it did not need to be exact but now I have done some reading and I wonder if this is going to be a problem based on my tax filing. Do I need to take back the $17? I am embarrassed to ask the consultant as I did not take him up on his offer to be my financial adviser and open the account with his office.

  • I opened a SEP IRA for 2016 based on self employment income on the advice of a tax consultant. I was told to put in 1,583.00 and I did $1600.00 thinking it did not need to be exact but now I have done some reading and I wonder if this is going to be a problem based on my tax filing. Do I need to take back the $17? I am embarrassed to ask the consultant as I did not take him up on his offer to be my financial adviser and open the account with his office.

  • I filed my amended return, it was accepted on Feb.27 but they sent it back and required me to send in form 8863. Well that was mailed along with the rest of my info and the gave me a new date of March 23., How long will it take for the process of that was the only info they needed in order to process?

  • Hello,

    My mom didn’t have social security or tax ID for last three years and now she received social security number. Can i file amended tax return for all three years and claim her as dependent? She didn’t have any income either and it will potenitally reduce my tax liability for those three years since I will be getting personal exemption for her as well. No one else claimed her as dependent.

    Your feedback will be appreciated.


  • Hi i filed a admended 1040x tax because when i filed my taxes i had 2 of my kids ssc but my 1yr old ssc i didnt have at the time…now i check the status of the return and it says ill be recieving a letter with stuff they need..my question is does anyone know what they will be needing?this was my first time i had ever filed a admended tax form.

  • Just e-filed our taxes over the weekend using turbo tax. We sold some stock this year. Just found correct figures for our cost basis which was one-half the amount we listed on our tax return. Can we file an amended return along with a new Schedule D.

  • Hello,
    My granddaughter lived with me for only 7 months, no one else will be claiming her, but it says she lived with me for 12 months on my return. I didn’t notice it until after the return was filed. My preparer says since it won’t affect my return amount, I wouldn’t worry about it. Is this small error OK to disregard?
    Thanks in advance for your opinion.

  • hi ,
    I filed my taxes last year through a NJ based tax consultant although i live in NY. May be because he was more comfortable with the nj taxes, he showed me part resident in nj and ny although i was a full year ny resident. when this year, i was doing the taxes myself, i came to understand this.
    Do i need to file an amendment to correct it? please let me know. thanks

    • I think so – especially if you filed a NJ state return last year when you live in NY.

      If it’s just the federal return it might not make much of a difference, I’d have to see the return to know for sure. Probably ought to get an amendment done though.

  • Hello,
    I filed form 1040NR-EZ for 2016 and sent it in (via mail). However, I omitted to transfer the amount overpaid/refund from line 22 on line 23a ( which is ‘amount of line 22 you want refunded to you’). I included my routing+account number below, and I did not check the ‘amount of line 22 you want applied to your 2017 estimated tax’ on line 24. So, technically, I had calculated my refund, but did not put the same number as the number I want refunded. I just left the line blank.
    Do I need to file an amended return? There have not been any changes to credits,deductions, etc. It’s just a mechanical error.

  • hello. i filed my taxes online for the 2016 year through turbo tax. on my original w2 i was out on leave and my third party sick pay was included on my w2. two weeks later i received two additional w-2 from my sun life insurance for short term disability which i should have not received i am now finding out. I have filed a amended tax form initially. and now i am being told i have to amend for a second time because those w-2’s should not have been sent out to me.

    thank you

  • In 2013 my husband & I filed separate returns. We filed jointly for 2014-2016. I just received a CP63 notice stating taxes weren’t filed for 2013. After some online checking looks like I did file and pay, but he never did. Can I file a 1040X for 2013 and file Jointly which is going to change a lot of the information. I have the forms, but the part that confuses me is, 1. Do I put my original amount for AGI in the first column, and then the difference on B, and his AGI for Column C? Because if we are filing Jointly the amounts will change. Or should I do a completely new 2013 1040 for Joint, and then do the 1040X, and do I send both to the IRS?

    • Answering your last question first – you should only file a 1040X, not a new joint return.

      The 1040X form is designed to capture your original information that you filed in column A. So get your information from the original return you filed, and fill in Column A with that information.

      Next, you fill out a new 1040 form, with both your information and your husband’s information together. Include any forms that you need, such as Schedule A for itemized deductions.

      Fill out Column C on 1040X with the information from your newly-filled forms.

      Last, in Column B, you put in the difference from Column A to Column C. If Column C is more than Column A, put a positive amount in Column B. If Column C is less than A, Column B will be negative. If A and C are equal, Column B will be zero.

  • I e-filed my taxes using TurboTax and was going to mail a check in by the due date, but later realized that I could take advantage of a traditional IRA, which in return has created a refund owed to me, how do I handle my amended return, do I mail my original amount owed and wait for the refunded amount or will the IRS calculate the difference between the two?

  • Hi, I filed my 2016 taxes a while back and already received my refund, but then the company that I work for sent my a W-2c with adjusted amounts that differ from the original W-2 I received. I went ahead and filed an amended return which now shows that I have a smaller refund (and owe some money from the initial refund) and sent it out two days ago along with the check. Should I file for an extension since it’s so close to the deadline, or is there no need to?

  • my name is kathy danley my question is i file my taxes last year and i was the only one working in the house hold can i till file even i am not working any more i didnt now at the time i can do that here is my email address kathyldanley54@gmail.com i would now if that is true or not and if it to late

  • Ooops! I just e-filed and now realize that on my stock sales listed on Schedule D, I mistakenly put them under Box D (long term reprted to the IRS) when i should have put them under Box E (not reported to IRS). This does not at all affect my tax (zero) or refund (zero), so do I need t go and mail a 1040-X now, to make sure evrything is in the right category? Thanks.

  • How can I access last years return that was rejected by IRS? My ex filed using turbo tax. (he didn’t bother to check to see if it was accepted until couple weeks ago!) I need to file this year’s but I’m assuming I can’t until we fix last years??

  • Hi, can I still file an amended tax return for 2013 if my original was filed on 02/05/2014. Should I count the 3 years from that date or from April 2014?


  • Hi ,
    I am a resident alien living in US for last 5 years and paid my taxes on time.
    This year only I came to know that I was required to report my foreign accounts and pay taxes​ on the interest I earn in my native country.I was told to amend 5 years tax return and FBAR’s for all these years…. I just don’t get how IRS is going to calculate the penalty.Can you please help me understand that.
    Also is there any way to avoid the penalty.
    At the same time I read somewhere that people with foreign accounts are more susceptible to audits.
    Thank you.

      • Thanks for replying.
        Visited the irs website but it’s too confusing…..

        Let’s assume I owed a tax of $500 on my foreign income in 2011.To my understanding I have to pay $125 fine along with my taxes and then interest on it.
        Please give your insight
        1. Is this the penalty I have to pay or is penalty extra from this amount.

        2. Approximately how much will be the interest payable till date.

        3. On IRS website they say something like short term/ quarterly interest and daily compound interest.
        How to calculate these figures.

        4. Is the interest going to be calculated on $500 or $625

        Thank you so much.

  • My fiance filed her taxes and the tax preparer messed things up so she filed an amended return and refiled with her mom claiming her and our children since we live in the same house. She recieve the return she Originally filed for her mother still didn’t receive the money from refiling what do we do with the money they sent from the first file

    • When she files an amended return (which she should, since her mom is now claiming her as a dependent) then there should be some money owed to the IRS with the amendment. If she’s already filed the amendment and paid the tax owed, then the refund can be used for any purpose. If not, then she should save back the money to pay the additional taxes owed.

  • I filed and received my tax return through turbo tax my son’s father for whatever reason could not claim my son can I redo my taxes and claim my son??

  • I had a unique situation where I filled a completely inaccurate (even fraudulent) tax return using Turbo Tax. I suffered 2 strokes last year and had a heart surgery to fix the issue in October. I have been on Ambien (sleep medication) since I was discharged from the military in 2013 and occasionally have amnesia from the medication. I has very sick a couple of weeks ago with migraines and I took ambien during the day to sleep. Long story short. I completed my taxes, using numbers that gave me a $4500 refund (I even completed a Schedule C for a business the I just started this year, which is where the income I claimed came from, well that and alimony of about $10,000 of which neither myself of my wife have ever received). I haven’t received the money and only realized I filed a tax return when I received a thank you from Turbo Tax today. They estimate the refund will arrive in about a week.. Bizarre I know.

    I don’t suspect I will owe anything regardless. But filing an amended return will be around a $50,000 difference in income and no schedule C and no alimony. . . I’m lost as what to do. . . I don’t have money for representation. . .

  • Hello, my original 2016 taxes were submitted by a professional accountant but were rejected due to my daughter filing as an independent on her own tax return. She filed a 1040X with the corrected information which was received by the IRS on the 10th and is being processed (with an estimated 16 weeks to completion). Do I have to file an amended tax return for both her and I, or is there no need to file for an extension since the taxes were already submitted, and therefore on record, but rejected?

    • You’ll need to re-submit your tax return as the first one was rejected. It won’t be an amendment, your record should not show an original return filed yet. I’d say you could probably go ahead and file a paper return in a week or two now that your daughter’s 1040X has been received.

  • Hi Jim
    I did my taxes through jackson hewitt and was charged over 400 for filing a 1040x. After waiting around 2 months for my refund i finally called the irs. They told me that my form didn’t have a signature. I feel that for paying that much that JH should have gotten this right. Should i do an amended 1040x and save that 400? Or confront JH about a possible refund. I feel like they would never give a refund.

    Thank you

    • I think JH needs to hear about it from you, for sure.

      Did the IRS say anything about how you can resolve (other than submitting an entirely new return)? If a new return is required, JH should produce it for you, and I think it should be free of charge at the very least. Just my opinion…

  • Is there a benefit to using a tax professional to do my EZ form tax filing. I own nothing, do some sales work for my company who gives me car allowance in my income check sadly and it’s taxed as such.

  • Hi Jim,

    I filed my 2015 tax return (1099) myself which was accepted and made the payment required to the irs. However, i noticed I took deductions of about $13k from my business and I want to amend for a higher agi and pay the additional fee to the irs. I don’t know what reason to write in the comment section, as it was an oversight on my end. Any ideas of what to write on the amendment for reason for amendment? If i send the payment in with the amendment can i be penalized for this error since I owe the IRS?

  • Hi, my family and i live with my father in law. I always file my taxes with my kids as dependants with no problem but this year my taxes got rejected because he claimed my kids with out letting me know. He said he will benefit more for it since he pays the rent and utilities but i support my kids with everything else they need. I already paper file my taxes with my kids as dependents. will i the refund i always get ? Or what could happened?

    • Your return is likely to be rejected, since you’re claiming dependents that have already been claimed elsewhere. You need to work this out with the father-in-law, one or the other of you can claim them, but not both of you. In order for you to claim them he’ll need to amend his return. If he isn’t willing to do that you will need to change your filing to not claim the dependents. In the case that you want to pursue it further you may have to get the courts involved – doubt if you want to do that among family.

  • Hi,

    I claimed my son in error as his father should have claimed him so i amended my return. I also do his taxes and it keeps rejecting it. I received my federal amended check today so when will i be able to complete his taxes without the IRS rejecting it due to our sons social security number being on both taxes?

    • Since the child’s social security number has already been sent through the efile system, the child’s father will have to mail in his return.

  • I helped a friend file her taxes, and claimed the American opportunity credit for her. Apparently her parents had already claimed the credit for all four years, and she got back around a $1000 less than it was supposed to be. Should I amend her return and claim the lifetime learning credit instead? would that get her a larger return?

    • Once the AOC has been claimed you have the option of claiming the LLC, so in the case of your friend it probably makes sense to amend the return to claim the other credit. The “original” return information on the amendment should reflect the reduced refund that she has already received, not the amount that was originally filed for.

  • I included in my tax return my son’s social security benefits he receives under his social under my income. Its under 5900 and read I do not have to claim it. Can i amend my returns for the pass 2 years and remove that portion as taxable income?

  • I filed my return and then found out I had a k-1 coming from newly purchased shares of a LP. K-1 shows a $50 passive loss that I can’t use anyway. Amending will cost me $$ and the loss doesn’t affect my return. Do I need to amend?

    • The IRS is likely to come asking for the information from the K1 – if you want to take your chances you could just let it ride and wait to hear from them. Or if you want to put it behind you and not give them a reason to review your overall return closely, go ahead and spend the money and amend the return.

  • I filed my return and then found out I had a k-1 coming from newly purchased shares of a LP. K-1 shows a $50 passive loss that I can’t use anyway. Amending will cost me $$ and the loss doesn’t affect my return. Do I need to amend?

  • I did not realize in Iowa that I would get a better deal if I filed Married but separate. I have went back and amended just my state returns for the 3 years I could. Do I need to send in any federal forms since all I am fixing is my state return?

  • Just filed my 1040 for 2016 which showed payment due. Week later filed amended 1040x which now shows refund due. Do I still need to make the payment on the original 1040 even though 1040x shows a refund due?

    Thank you for your help.

    • If you filled out the amendment correctly, the refund shown accounts for the fact that you paid in the original amount. So you should pay the amount due from your first return and then after your amendment has processed you’ll get the refund shown on the return.

  • We filed our 1040 electronically on March 6. Then we found an error — the Long Term Capital Loss had not been entered on Schedule D. (we discovered this by looking back to 2015). After correcting the schedule D and preparing an Amended Return we owe less tax. We have not yet sent a check. Question: Must we send a check for the original amount, or can we send a check for the corrected smaller amount along with a voucher and, if the latter case, what documentation do we need to send with the payment voucher and the check? Thank you

  • Got a situation full time College student has 2100 worth of income as part time job.
    Also got a 1099-Q 529 payout in there name for 10k of which 4300 was
    interest portion. Since the interest portion is less than the college expenses
    can I just not mention the 1099-Q on the student filing as someone else’s dependent 1040EZ
    or do I need to substantiate that on a 1040.

    If the interest portion plus part time job income is less than $6400 do even I need to file anything at all.
    No taxes taken out for them.

  • OK so I filed 2014 and 2015 fed and state and got refunds in both 2014 and 2015 at the fed and state levels . But in 2016 I filed an amendment with a mistake fixed and I owed both fed and state money in both 2014 and 2015 and I made these payments in Jan 2017 for the 2014 and 2015 for both and state.

    Now I am filing my 2016 taxes do I import my original tax filed in 2015 or my amended 2015 made in 2017 for 2016.

    I am confused cause I read my state payments made in 2017 for 2015 and 2014 are paid in 2017 so I use that as tax expense in 2017 ?

    I am So confused on what to do now..

  • Thank you for answering all these questions. I have two more: 1). How much explanation does the IRA require on a 1040x when changing the number of dependants? My initial explanation was “changed # of defendants due to oversight. But now I’m wondering if that is adequate. Background: my son graduated college in 2015 (April/may) and and had been one of my dependants(i’m divorced- head of household). He got a job for 4 months and then quit and moved back home. I thought I could no longer claim him as a dependent in 2015 or 16 but realized that since his mother and I supported him in 2016 that he could still qualify as a dependent ( his mother and I have agreed he would be on my return). I already filed for 2016 w/I claiming him – hence the 1040x for 2016. But im now realizing I may be able to claim him in 2015 as well and am considering 1040x for 2015. Precisely how much of an explanation is generally considered adequate on the 1040x? Thank you

  • What information do I need to put my husband name as primary instead of mine after filing, they told me that I had to switch the orders of the name in order to file because my husband was primary last year and now I have to wait for them to send me papers so that I can correct it, is there any faster way I can fix this?

  • Last year I made a mistake on my return for 2015 where I ended up owing , I fixed the mistakes and ended up getting a $1000 refund , this year irs took the money I owed last year, after they finish with my amended return will I get the money they took back and my refund for 2015

  • I have already filed my 2016 tax return and received a refund. I own an LLC that is taxed as a sole proprietorship. I have just received a $350 refund from the accounting firm I used in 2016 on a payment I made to them in October 2016. Should I file an amended tax return to subtract the $350 from my 2016 business expenses?

    • I think you could handle this one of two ways: either amend the 2016 return as you’ve suggested, or since you received the refund in 2017, you could just adjust your accounting expenses for 2017 to account for the refunded fee. Shouldn’t matter either way to the IRS – might make a difference on your return/tax paid, so you should review both methods to see what’s more advantageous to you.

  • Good morning
    I filed my tax return through turbo tax. The IRS rejected my return. I fixed it and turbo tax sent me a confirmation that my return has been accepted. After some days IRS sent me a letter asking for my w2 and first 2 pages of my federal tax return. When I call them they told me that my refund was rejected and they never received my correction. I filed for some credits that are not on the first 2 pages. Will I still get my credits? And they told me that I will get my return in 8 weeks. And I know that I e-file. Not paper filling. Do you know why they ask for the only first 2 pages and my w2? Please help.

    Thank you

  • My boyfriend filed his taxes through H&R Block one year. I wasn’t working, he told the lady that I wasn’t working because I just had a baby and we do live together. I guess, she assumed we were married and should file as. I had never filed married on my own. He believes that’s the only time it was done like that. I have worked every year after that and before that and have always filed as single on My taxes. So I need to do something? Can this impact me getting a home loan?

  • After efiling my child’s tax return I realized I had made a mistake I allowed her to claim her self when I had already claimed her on mine. Mine was rejected on efile, so I did a 1040x on both returns. Her refund originally was $147 but after refiling she would receive $0. I didn’t know I should wait until I received her refund and then return it with her 1040x. Now that she has received her refund and I have already mailed the 1040x. Where do send her refund back to?

  • I filed my amended return by mail, because I Needed to make changes regarding a dependent. And my refund changed from me getting money back to me owing for federal, because I am self-employed. I got a letter in the mail saying that I have to prove my identity before I get my refund; question is should I wait for my amendment 1040X to go through or should I prove my identity and get my (wrong) refund back and then just send it right back in after the amendment goes through.

  • I was told that i needed to file a 1040 x amended return because my tax preparer accidently put that i made wages when i was self employed will this stop me from getting my orignal return how long does this take i could really use this money now

    • I don’t know – this is a question for your tax preparer. If I had to guess, you’ll probably get the original refund (unless the IRS pulls the return because it’s incorrect) and then you’ll file the amendment, paying back a portion of the refund.

  • I filed my taxes on 1/23 everytime i check the WMR it just says your tax return is being processed, I never received a letter or anything. Recently i called and the agent said we used last years W2 instead of 2016. And i receive a letter in the mail soon. (Never got it) Should i send my amended return or will i get my orginal refund first? And as of the state they only sent me partial of my refund and said there holding the rest because I MIGHT owe money to an agency but there waiting to see if i owe or not. I checked the TOP line and nothing comes up..what should I do?

  • Hi Jim,

    I sent in my Amended Return with a check for the amount owed. I was just wondering if there is anything more I need to do/what happens now?

    Thanks for your insight.

  • Hi this is my first year doing taxes I’m a single mother of two boys under the age of 12 I got a 1099 I earned $8600 I did not have to pay anything but am also not getting any cash back, shouldn’t I qualify for the child tax credit? Thank you

  • I efiled my daughters tax return and stated no one else could claim her as a dependent. I made a mistake because I had already claimed her. My efile was rejected. So I filed a 1040x on both returns. Since doing this she has received her refund check. So what do I do with her refund check ?

  • I had taxes for 2014 and 2015 for the fact that in 2014 we received 1099 for am e an employer in July way after we already filed our taxes in 2014 we received a notice from the IRS about December about it that we owed them $2,000 so when we went to file our taxes in 2015 we went to H&R Block and she put the 1099 on our 2015 and did not inform us that that was not allowed so this year we amended both taxes and sent it alresdy.are they going to take my refund from 2016 till I get the amendment done?

    • I should word that better sorry, 2014 we filed our taxes not realizing we was getting a 1099 from an old employer and did not receive the 1099 in the mail till july 2014 which we file our taxes in feb. About Dec. We received a letter from the Irs stating we owed 2,000 dollars. So when we went to h & r block we showed the lady our form. She looked at it then just add the 1099 in our 2015 paperwork not informing us that we needed to amend it. So this year we went to an accountant and he did the amend for us on the 2014 and 2015. They owe us money for 2015 and we only owe 80$ dollar for 2014.. We faxed the amend paper the same day we file our taxes for 2016. My question is Will they hold or keep my refund for 2016 till they process my amendment?

      • These old amendments should not have an impact on your 2016 return. The only way you might have a problem is if the amendments aren’t processed by the time your 2016 return is processed and you still have an outstanding tax bill (from before the amendments).

  • I saw nothing about health insurance, I forgot my son had it for two months in 2016, now we have to go and set up an account with market place insurance and fill out a 1095 form, I think that’s the form, if I send it all in will I get my taxes

    • It’s a bit late now, isn’t it?

      Generally you should separate your tax returns into individual envelopes – the processing center will scan your returns into the system for processing, and if everything is in one envelope there’s a better chance that two or more forms will be processed together. It’s likely not going to cause much of a problem, but it might slow things down or cause a lot of confusion.

  • My bf recently received a letter from the irs about his 2015 tax returns, he forgot to include an additional w2 on his returns and the place he got his taxes done at put his filing status as single when he wanted to file married but separated. so he has to do an amended tax return. will this effect 2016 tax returns at all? we look on the website and its still saying its processing when many others have received theirs already.

  • As a 1099 recipient, I filed last years return without filing a Schedule C. Can I amend that with a 1040X and attached C (to take advantage of business deductions)? Thank you.

    • Not if you actually under-reported your income. If you didn’t include income that also has additional expenses associated with it (thereby reducing the net taxable income) then perhaps an amendment could help you out. Otherwise, like I said, if it’s a fact that you under-reported the income an amendment won’t fix it.

  • Hi Jim, this is Don again about the 566 audit problem i explained last night. It seems that i mispoke when i said the per diem was on a 1099 when they were only showing up on my paystubs “only” as per diem “non taxable” and also not reported on the W2 and therefore not sent in to the IRS by my employer. which is part of reason i forgot to include the payment info to my tax preparer. I did not look at the paystubs nor did I not get any type of notifycation of the reimbursment like on a 1099. So my question is should i acknowledge this mistake and offer to do an ammendment. My tax Preparer is of the belief that since this is an audit i would not be able to file an ammended return. They “IRS” are requisting a considerable amount of info and records and reciepts. I am a contract Telecom worker and had 3 diff. employers in 2014 in four states also my record keeping is not as good as i thought and many reciepts are washed out ie.gas , motel etc “ink that comes off the paper they use”. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • My job shorted me 1200 off my w2 none of which was for mileage, insurance or anything of the like. I want to amend to get the extra money on my refund, but how do I go about? I’ve already had trouble with the business receiving a check that was lost in the mail.

  • Hi, i just recieved a 566 audit by mail for 2014 and after researching i discovered a major mistake in my filling, 2 1099 per diems were not added in to back out my expenses, so i ended up takeing the deductions without adding in the perdiem. was wondering if i could correct this before things get to out of hand?

    • Filing an amendment at this point will likely just cause confusion.

      The trigger for the audit is likely the omission of the 1099 income, so have your information all in order when you receive additional communications from the IRS. At that point an amendment may be appropriate, or they may just apply the additional information without an amendment. Work with your contact at the IRS on it though.

  • Please advice, I went to get my taxes done but I did not have all the paperwork with me according to the person who did my taxes they were not complete I needed the the form my insurance company sent out to verify I was being covered with insurance the full 12 months, therefore I mentioned to her I was going to come back with that form and my mother’s information because she was going to be my dependent. Next time arrived to leave the rest of my paperwork, the lady in office told me she had already sent the paperwork! She mentioned I was not going to receive any additional money because having your mother as a dependent does not make a difference! I am glad I asked her if she could show me how much I would get back if I did put her as my dependent when she did it made a huge difference! That is when she suggested for me to wait for the check to arrive then come back to her for a amend. I’m really disappointed this happened I would please like advice so I am prepared and know what I’m doing next time I see her, certainly it will be the last time I file my taxes in that office.

  • I have been divorced for 8 years. I have two children who live with me. Each year I claim my daughter on my tax return and my ex-husband claims my son. I recently filed for 2016 and just received my refund check. I work at a college where my children can attend and receive free tuition. My son is a senior in high school and will be attending college Fall 2017. I just found out that in order for him to get free tuition at the college where I work, he needs to be a dependent on my tax return. I had e-filed my tax return using H & R Block online service. So I went to my H & R Block account online and filled out an amended return to change the name, soc sec # and birthdate of my dependent. (My ex-husband hasn’t filed yet so he can claim our daughter instead). But now it says I owe money ($1000) to the IRS???? I don’t understand. Is this just some kind of mistake?

    • If your daughter is under age 16 then the (likely) difference is that you are not allowed to claim your son (over age 16) for the Child Tax Credit. When you removed your daughter from your return, that CTC was also removed. Your ex-husband will (likely) be eligible for the CTC when he claims your daughter as a dependent.

  • My daughter and son-in-law filed their taxes early and received a refund, which had an offset due to medical support owed. Then, my daughter received a W-2 and my son-in-law a 1099-misc (long story, not important). So my question is, when they file an amended return (Form 1040X), what amount do they put for line 18, where it asks for “overpayment, if any, as shown on original return or as adjusted”? The original refund amount or the actual amount they received after the offset? The examples of offsets do not include those for child or medical support?

      • The original refund was $2899, but after the off set, they actually received $2260. She hasn’t received the letter explaining the offset yet, but it should be the same as last year, where my son-in-law owes back medical support for the kids on medicaid. Thank you for all of your help.

  • Hi I have a question. I hope you can help me. My son is 23, in college and has been filing his own taxes since 4 years ago. I just found out that I should have been claiming him on my taxes since he has been using my tax returns for college loans, grants, etc. Can I amend both of our tax returns ? and how many years can I go back? Also, my son has been working the last few years and has made over or around $5700 to 11,000 per year, can I still claim him on the amended tax returns if he has been working? thank you very much

    • Yes, you can amend your returns as indicated, as far back as you need to. You’ll need to amend both returns – and likely wait until his amendment has processed before filing the corresponding amendment of your return.

      Refunds are only available for 3 years after the original filing date – so as of this date (March 1, 2017) you could receive refunds for amendments as far back as your 2013 tax return which was due on or about April 15, 2014. Generally as the dependent’s income increases the value of switching dependency claim diminishes.

  • I already filed my taxes and got my refund. now my girlfriend wants me to claim her kids since she doesn’t have a job and can’t file taxes. can I do this? and do I re-file through federal or state? I filed online so I’m hoping I can just go in and add the 2 dependents and get another refund for that. please let me know which steps to take. thank you!

  • OK my husband and I have been together 8 years but have been claiming common law married for a little over a year. I haven’t filed. Return since 2015 because I have been out of work due to injury. He filed his taxes his self but filed head of household with my boys Which are his stepkids. Now he is under review. Should he ammend his tax return and we file married jointly. It’s our first time filing together so we’re confused.

    • If you’re not actually legally married he should be okay with Head of Household as his filing status. Regardless, it would not help matters to file an amendment at this point – wait for the IRS to finish their review and communicate with him about it. Then if needed he can file an amendment. Just be patient.

  • Hi Jim, Originally I didn’t file my real estate rental income for 2015 because I had enough deductions to make it a negative amount. But now I’d like to amend to report the income with fewer deductions to help me qualify for a refi. I could use the retirement contribution credit to offset this $660 tax.
    Are these two things allowed?
    Many thanks, Ali

    • Yes – and regardless of your deductions you should have originally included this income. It’s extra paper and little difference in tax, but if you don’t claim income when you’ve earned it that’s known as tax evasion. File the amendment to report the income and deductions and put this behind you.

  • Hi, i gave th lady who does my taxes 2 w2s from money win at the casino. That was on 2015 but she forgot to submit them, the amount of money win was $3500, but the irs is charging $1050 on taxes what can indo to fix this. Cause i think the amount they want is way to much. Thanks

  • HI Jim, I have a question. My brother efiled his tax return and he already got the money back. However he forgot to check the box where it asks you if someone else can claim you as a dependent. He left it blank. He is going to amend his taxes but will this dramatically change is amount that he is getting back if our mother claims him as a dependent?!

  • Hello Jim,
    I am wondering if you5 know the answer to this question. I accidentally omitted non-taxable income on my 2015 tax return. It doesn’t effect the result. Do I need to file and Amended tax return?

    Thank you.


  • I e-filed using TurboTax for 2015. My school needs all of the numbers for my income on my tax return to add up correctly from my W-2 and 1098-T and they’re not. They want me to Amend my 2015 taxes to fix this issue. Will It?

  • We are having an issue, I submitted my taxes already e-filed. The issue is when answering the questions about dependents my 18 yr old daughter was listed. But, due to her age it said we could not claim her or get a credit. That’s fine but, trying to do her taxes they keep getting rejected because she is listed as a dependent on our taxes. How do I fix this I didn’t delete her info from mine because it said we couldn’t claim her. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • You’ll need to amend your return to remove her before she can file and claim herself.

      It’s probably more in your favor to leave things as they are – you are claiming the exemption for your daughter as a dependent (at least that’s my assumption). The age limit was probably referring to Earned Income Credit and/or Child Tax Credit. At age 18 if she’s a student you can still claim her as a dependent.

  • I discovered a mistake in my 2015 Virginia income tax return. I forgot to indicate that a portion of my income came from interest on US Govt. direct obligations. This meant that I paid $156 too much VA income tax. I can get a refund if I file an amended VA return. This correction makes no difference in my Federal income tax and would not appear on an amended Federal return. Am I required to file an amended Federal return in this case if I file an amended state return?

  • Hi Jim, its great to see someone so helpful during this always trying time 🙂 my question is this.
    Jackson Hewitt have prepared our taxes since 2014, we now go in to file 2016 and find out that our 2015 taxes were missing my husbands pension income. Even if the 1099 was not in our pile, isnt a tax services computer programed to notice huge missing $$amts or previous entered income if changed from previous year?? we are talking $30,000 here. I realize we will have to pay the tax owed but i pay big $ for a tax service to make sure i have all i should…i will take our fault but dont they owe us more than just sorry??? thank you

    • No, the tax preparer is not responsible for gathering your information and documents to file a complete and accurate return. It is your responsibility in the end – that’s why you have to sign the return.

      As a matter of routine, when we prepare returns for returning clients (at Blankenship Financial), we have a list of income sources from the previous year and we generally ask about it if something is missing. But it’s not a requirement, only customer service on our part.

  • I left out 1 number from my ein on on my return. the return has been accepted, should i go in and add the number i left out or is it ok because it has been accepted… been waiting since 1/24/17… got 4664c letter, wmr says my return has been received and is being processed…please help, i’m losing my whole mind.

  • I filed my taxes this year but want to get them amended because I feel like I have more deductables. I have two 1099s and a w-2’s Plus, I owe the IRS 3,000 but think that if I can have my other deductables looked at that the price can be lowered. I did my taxes at H& Block. Do I go back and have them amended there or go somewhere else to have them looked at?

  • Turbotax did my tax return in 2014. I got a letter from IRS saying I owed them money because my 2014 return was wrong. IRS took it out of this years tax return. Any recourse I can take against Turbotax?

    • Only if you can prove that their program caused you to file the return incorrectly. And then you’re still liable for the additional tax, regardless – TT might (if they were in error) be liable for any penalty or interest you have to pay, but the tax burden is yours alone.

  • Hi Jim, thank you for all your help answering everyones questions. Here’s mine. My Daughter forgot to check the box that we can claim her as a dependent on our return. She already e-filed and received her return checks both state and federal. We found out when our returns were rejected through e-file with Turbotax. It sounds like we will have to file by mail now since e-file won’t accept our taxes due the error on our daughters return. We did start an amended return with our daughter for hers and we’ll be mailing it in. When we mail our’s in does it matter when we send it? I just don’t want them to reject ours after mailing it because of the error. We were hoping to just mail our taxes out the same time as we mail our daughters amended returns (separate envelopes of course). Thank you! Jeff

    • You should file the amendment on your daughter’s return and wait until that has passed through the processing system completely before filing your own. You don’t necessarily have to file a paper return for your own, you just need to wait until her amendment has processed.

      If you file your own return (paper or efile) before her amendment is completely processed, your return will be rejected, because you can’t claim the same dependent on two tax returns.

  • The tax preparer did an error on my son taxes claiming himself. We did advise her that I have claimed my son prior to my son filling his taxes. We did an amendment return explaining that I have claimed my son because even though my son is 18 years of age he lives with me and still in High School. My son only worked for three months less then 3000. My return has been rejected from IRS. The local office in which we both did our taxes said she will resubmit my return efile March 3. I mailed my son amendment 1/24/17. When should my return be submitted or should it be sent via paper return.

  • I received a 1098-T from my daughter’s school. It lists her scholarships for 2016, but it also lists one scholarship that says it is from 2015. Do I need to file an amended return to include that scholarship in last year’s income?

  • Hi I did my taxes and accidentally entered my sons social security number wrong. I received a letter that they are looking into further and it can take up to 60 days however I already figured out the problem. Should I amended this or wait and let them figure it out? Thank you

  • Hello,

    I didnt file my 2011 NY state tax and realized it while applying for a mortgage in 2016. So I filed my 2011 taxes in 2016. I was owed a $7,000 refund and received a letter stating that they will not pay the refund because I passed the 3 year mark. Is it 3 year from the date the return was due or 3 years from the date it was filed? Do I have a recourse?

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi. I had my mother take my tax documents to a tax professional to file my taxes for the year. I changed jobs mid-year and would be filing taxes for both jobs. Upon reviewing my documentation. I saw that the tax professional only filed my taxes with wages from 1 job. which was significantly less than the wages from the second job. Should an amendment be filed immediately. It has still be less than 24hrs since my tax information was e-filed.

    Thank You for any help!

  • Due to a court order I have to amend the filing from single to joint. I already received my small amount from filing single. can I use this amount while waiting for the bigger check? or do I need to return it?

  • A friend of mine had someone do her taxes for her last year. My friend had not filed her 2014 return so the person she had do her taxes combined the 2014 and 2015 W2 information onto her return she filed last year. Turns out, she owes quite a bit of money and wants to amend her return to correct this. She will have to amend each year, seperately right? Also, can she go ahead and file her current year return online? Or, will she have to wait until her amended returns are processed?

    Mary L.

  • Hello Jim.
    Today for some reason I decided to look at my 1040 and found an error that the tax preparation agent did, the agent did not pay attention to my 1098-t form that was from 2015 with box 2 filled and box 7 check which means that the amount on 2 was billed in January to March. The agent filed the 1098-t form as if it was sent on 2016. I did not receive a 1098-t form on 2016. I also notice he never claim my 1099-Int of 200.00. What should I do.

  • I Recently found out my husband and I have no offsets, but I already filed an injured spouse form. Do I have to wait for it to go through, or can I am mend it? What does it mean if I am mend it? Will it take longer than the 11 weeks its supposed to take already?

    • I don’t know what you mean by offsets, but nonetheless, you probably don’t need to do anything about the injured spouse form. If/when the IRS contacts you about it, you can let them know that you may have filed that form in error…? At any rate, I have no idea how long it will take to process – but if you try to change things in mid-stream I guarantee that it will slow things down.

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  • My son filed his taxes and accidentally claimed himself. We his parents always claim him but he didn’t realize until he had already e-filed his return so we went to turbo and amended his return and printed out forms. He has to pay back part of his refund due to not getting back as much now with the amended return. He has to wait until original refund comes before he can do that but do we his parents have to wait to file ours until his amended return is all completed or can we file now.

  • I did my daughter-in laws taxes last year through TurboTax and after she received her refund, she got a delayed 1099 for $6,000. Do I amend her 2015 return or can I add the $6,000 to this year’s return since it is from one of the same companies she worked for?

  • My husband’s company over paid into his 401k ($1000 over contributed in 2015) he received the $1000 back from the 401k company before April 15, 2015.

    His plan administrator at work said he doesn’t need to pay any taxes on the $1000 because it is “captured in his W2” but we just received a 1099 R -P for the $1000.

    Do we need to amend our 2015 taxes and if not why? How was this $1000 return of overcompensation “captured” in his 2015 W2?

      • What date is on the 1099R? If it’s dated 2016, then you can just include this money on your 2016 return. If 2015, then you’ll need to amend.

        Before you do that, I’d get with the administrator and the payroll folks and hammer out whether or not the $1,000 was already taxed. If so, then the 401k admin will need to reissue a corrected (zeroed) 1099. If not, then you’ll need to claim it as I described above.

  • My husband filed his taxes last year and put as married filing jointly. when he put in all my info it dropped his return so he tried changing it to filing separately and took all my info out but i guess it didn’t work so i was unable to file last year. Now it is effecting my return this year and i can’t file because i don’t have a correct agi in the system or something. Do i need to mail in my tax information from last year and ammend it through my husbands return in order to file this year?

    • You’ll need to get information from the IRS about how your returns were filed last year. You can get a transcript of your returns to see how it was accepted (if it was accepted).

      If you truly did not file last year at all, you can file an original return with last year’s information. Until that return makes it into the system you won’t have an AGI to help you with this year’s filing, so you may be delayed in this year’s filing as well.

      If your final goal is to file married/jointly, then you’ll need to amend last year’s return to add you to it, and then file the joint return this year.

  • Okay here’s my problem. In 2014 I was unable to file taxes due to my ss# not matching my dob due to identity theft. I was unable to file with my spouse like we always do. I have 3 kids which are not his but he has raised for 7 years. The tax place we went to said he could go ahead and file with the children. We got a letter from the IRS saying he owed all the money back because he was not the biological father. Our taxes were seized this year, we ammended the 2014 return and fixed it to married filing jointly like we always do and was able to add my income for that year, it’s says we are owed an additional $984, my question is will we also get the money back that was taken since we fixed the problem? They seized almost $9,000 this year and we filed jointly.

    • Without seeing your returns there is no way I can answer your question. The IRS is your best bet to answer the question – but right now during tax season is the worst time to try to call and get an answer. You might look for a tax preparer near you that can review your documents and possibly help you understand what the outcome will be.

  • Hi, I was just told I had to do an amendment. I didn’t wanna file my oldest son & they told me he wasn’t eligible anyway cause he made too much so I thought when they told me that they automatically blocked him from me filing him. But he is on my 1040.. My taxes are due to be in my accnt by Feb 23.. So what happens now? Do I just mail what I owe back in or will they stop my refund after approved

  • i filed my taxes but then got a 1095-A for health insurance i got a letter saying to mail or fax my 8962 and my 1095-A i have faxed them but now i don”t know if this will hold my original refund it says it takes about 6-8 weeks to process

  • I am doing my taxes with turbo tax this year like i did last year and it is asking for my agi from last years tax return.i got the agi from turbo tax but my refund was rejected this year for my agi. Last year i filed to early and missed one of my w2’s and i havent amended it yet im assuming the irs wants a diffrent agi what can i do to get my refund the fastest

  • I already filed my taxes for my husband, and we got his return. somebody told us we can claim the CDL school he went to to get his license. They did not send us a 1098T and do issue them can I do a amended return?

  • I used the “tax document” from my on-line stock account to determine capital losses….but then I received 1099-B forms in the mail a week after I sent in the return and noticed the numbers were different. It does not change the bottom line (zero), adjusts AGI up $70.00, and corrects the numbers. Do I still amend the return?

  • i noticed i filed this year with my 2 children and when i received my transcripts i see i requested additional tax education credit under my 16 year old son i see they was asking on my transcript a form 8863 should i be worried or should i wait until after my return is given to me before i ammend it ? Also it says no relationshiip indicated or determination can be made does it just subtract what i whould have been getting under that or does it still give it to me

    • Wait until your return has been completely processed before amending your return. It’s likely that you’ll hear from the IRS before you get your refund, or there will be some adjustment made before you get your refund. Don’t try to make changes before you know what they want you to do.

  • I filed my return in early January. I included my 19 yo son as a dependant as I was not aware of his income for 2016. His income was over the threshold of 4500 and made him an ineligible dependant, even though I provided all his support. He filed his taxes and got his refund already. I looked at what removing him from my return would do to my tax liability/refund amount and nothing changed.

    Do I still need to file an amendment or will they, the IRS, fix this automatically? Could this slow down my refund?

    • If he filed and claimed himself as a dependent then you would not have been able to claim him. If you claimed him and you shouldn’t have, removing him as a dependent would likely cause a change on your return, even if the final resulting tax liability or refund doesn’t change.

      So, if your return is incorrect you should correct it with an amendment.

  • I had to amend my 2015 tax refund through my tax preparer and owed a few hundred dollars, I didn’t know I had to do anything farther as my tax preparer charged me and told me he will take care of it. But now I just gave a call to IRS and they said they have no record of an amended form for me. Was I suppose to do something myself? And what should I do now?


  • I forgot to include a W2 when I e-filed on 1/31/17. After speaking with the IRS today, it seems as though they wanted to just confirm the amount of the missed W-2. He never said if I should amend or wait. My questions is, can the IRS make changes over the phone and correct my wages and withholdings without me amending and mailing in the 1040x? I don’t want to wait another hour on hold. Thanks!

  • I filed my taxes not realizing I was going to be claimed on someone else’s taxes. He has provided more than 50% of my support. My return was accepted thru TaxAct. Is there a way to stop my return or amend it? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I e-filed my taxes with Turbo Tax on January 17th and they were accepted. Then i amended them on the 30th of January. Will i still receive my original refund or will me ENTIRE refund be mailed to me including the amendment? Thank you

  • My mother claimed me and my 3 kids as dependants…days later I received my W2…my mom is going to amend her taxes to take us off as dependants but isn’t going to amend them until she gets her return. Should I file my taxes after she files to amend hers? How long should i wait? I want to file for me and my kids properly….but I don’t want to file too soon and get my mom in trouble.

  • While preparing my 2016 returns I noted that I had an omission of educational deductions on my 2015 returns and plan to file an amended 2015 return. My question is, do I use the corrected 2015 information when filling out my 2016 returns or do I complete the 2016 forms using the existing information and file amended returns for both years?

  • Ho so i had a friend file for me because where i went before costed to much now i recieved a letter for request for more information i feel like she did them wrong. My status sais accepted so far but i know something is wrong should i amend it now or let the irs make the changes? I cant afford to get this wrong i need my taxes this year. Thank you for your time.

  • I just got married in April of 2016. My husband owes back child support, so we decided to file Married Filing Separate. When I filed my original return, I was unaware that I needed to claim half of his wages, in addition to all of mine since we live in Texas, which, as you know, is a community property state. I plan on filing an Amended return with the updated income, as well as attaching a Form 8958 to allocate our wages. Is this the correct course of action? Is there anything else that needs to be filed or amended before I send in the amended return?

  • I have a two part question.

    There were three years (2009-2011) where I filed married filing separately, in which I claimed our two kids and received a refund. My husband ended up not filing. The IRS concluded he owed for 2009 and 2010 and have used our refunds have been held since paying of the debt, with the last of it being taken this year. My questions are:

    1) Even though it is after the 3 year deadline can I file an amended return for 2011 and change our status to filing jointly since we have been paying them off for my husband less than three years ago?

    2) If so can we do the same for the 2009 and 2010 even though they have already taken what they calculated he owed, plus penalties and interest?

  • Hello, I filed my taxes this wkend. I was going over them at home and noticed my tax person didn’t check the health care full year coverage so theres fee off 800+ dollars. But I did have health insurance what can I do now.

  • Hi, I just files this weekend and today I received a 199-INT in the mail. I had used my banking website to put what i thought was the interest. It just so happens that I put the interest for only one account. So now with the new interest, my refund should be $13 less. Will the IRS change my refund (Businesses provide them with this interest amount) or will I have to amend my return to reflect change? Should I wait until i get my refund before amending?

  • Hi jim, I’ve currently been audited by the IRS for one of my dependents (brother). My mother decided she wanted to claim him so we want to to know even with audit being held against my can I take my brother off my tax return and just go through with my son?

  • I have already filed my taxes the question is what if I feel that the person that did my taxes didn’t do them correctly. They didn’t ask me about any expenses I purchased for out of pockets such as itemized items and I just feel like they didn’t do my taxes right. What should I do? Amend my taxes or just put the itemized on next year’s taxes

      • I can’t tell you what to do about the individual you’ve had do your taxes this year, except that you should keep watching for the return to be accepted and process.

        With regard to your deductions, you need to claim those for the year they were incurred, so in other words you would need to claim your deductions for 2016 tax year on the 2016 tax return. You can’t carry those over to next year’s return.

  • Hello,

    Last year we received a grant for a low income home grant, we filed our taxes, i received a 1099-g after filing our taxes. We did not know that we would get that form, how should we proceed? Can it be claimed next year or should we ammend or wait for IRS to intercede ?

  • Hello,

    Last year we received a grant for a low income home grant, we filed our taxes, i received a 1099-g after filing our taxes. We did not know that we would get that form, how should we proceed? Can it be claimed next year or should we ammend or wait for IRS to intercede ?

  • Hi Jim,
    I missed to add 1099G for previous year state refund
    in original tax filing for 2016. I have got my Federal refund for 2016
    . While amending the return is it enough if i include 1040X,money order,
    1099G form alone in mail. Should I have to include W2 also. There are no
    changes in W-2 though?

  • Hi Jim

    Our LLC had received k1 and 1098 l every year since 07 until 2016 . Every year loses every year. I never used them or declared them. Total loses in k1 , 1098 totaling over $ 3million dollars. In 2016, we sold $4 million dollars property. Are we able to use the $3 million in k1 loses to help out in taxes on that 4 million sale

    The llc never filed taxes since 2009 because it had been nothing by but loses in that property, other investments.

    We appreciate all the help we can get


  • Hi Jim,

    Quick question…I’ve already filed my taxes and my refund was offset due to owning student loans. The offset did not fully cover the debt I owe.

    Now, I’ve discovered I need to submit an amended return due to a small inheritance I received at the beginning of the year- I had not received the paperwork before I filed. It looks like the amended return will result in a much larger refund than what I received prior (which was offset).

    My question is, will the refund from the amended return be offset as well? Or will I somehow receive this? Just trying to know what to expect.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • I filed my daughters taxes thinking that I would be able to claim her as a dependent. I put on there that someone else could claim her. When I did my taxes I found that she made to much money and I couldn’t claim her after all. Do I need to do a correction form for this or will it be fine.

  • i forgot to file for the state i actually worked in and added it after i had filled my federal and resident state, my resident tax due changed after i added the state i worked in. Do i have to amend my resident state form?

  • i forgot to file for the state i actually worked in and added it after i had filled my federal and resident state, my resident tax due changed after i added the state i worked in. Do i have to amend my resident state form?

  • I filed my taxes and they were excepted by state and federal

    Insincere received email from turbo tax sayn form 4562 was ready now To finish my taxes..

    Where my taxes were accepted will they still process and my refund still be issued without this form for the time being?

    Do I need to amend and if so should I wait til after I get my refund back..

    I don’t wanna do the amendment and slow up wat I’ve already done or mess it up..I dont anticipate losing any refund but I dont wanna wait either if it has to be done to process my refund?

    Can u advise

  • Jim, Good Evening..

    I am on F-1 Visa, My Masters started in 2014 Sep and I have pursued my Graduation in Dec 2015 but Unfortunately i did not file any Taxes for both 2014 year (in 2015) & 2015 year (in 2016).

    Even in 2017 also i forgot to file those Tuition Statements (Form 1098-T) but E-FILED my Tax Returns for my W-2 Form.

    So, now do i have any chance of Filing those Tuition Statements (2014 and 2015) in 2017 Tax Returns ???

    I have Completed my Masters in Wilmington UNIVERSITY based out in New Castle, DE.
    Working in Tampa, FL (So, i have filed only for Federal Tax Returns as Florida do not have any State Tax).

    Let me know what is the process to file those Tuition Statements now even after filing my W-2 form.

    Hope i will get an answer from you. Thanks in Advance.

  • If I forgot to add my school credit to my tax refund the lady that did my taxes frist told me she could go in do a amendment in I would receive a check in the mail for my school credit. The other day I ask she said that she would have to send my whole tax refund back onuce I receive it in then do the amendment in I was just wondering what is the correct way to do it. Will I just get a separate check in the mail for my amend school credit or will I have to send the whole return back in order to get my school credit.

  • I have claimed four years of the American Opportunity Credit while attending school part-time. Last year, I only qualified for $357. If I could claim it this year, as I am full-time, I would qualify for over $1200. Can I amend last year’s return to remove it, pay back the credit with interest, and claim it this year instead?

  • Hi Jim,

    I have filed my Taxes and forgot to add income from a 1099-R. My return is now pending. I am receiving a refund on my taxes. Should I amend my taxes before my original return is processed (and send a check for the amount owed on the amendment)? Will the original return typically be approved without the 1099 info?

    • Wait for the original return to be processed before sending your amendment. (#9 in the article above)

      Your original return should process without the additional 1099 but you’ll get a notice for under-reporting of income if you don’t do the amendment in a timely manner.

  • I accidentally put my amounts billed for tuition from my 1098 t form and my w2 wages together in income will this result in something bad happening ?

  • Hello i had a question about when i should expect my return. My husband and i filed on jan.13 th. My husband received another w2 so we ammended our return on jan.31st. The weres my refund site says the irs has accepeted our return and we habe already received our state check. Should we still expect to get our refund around the 21 days or will it be delayed due to ammending it. And we filed at and hr block office and will have funds loaded to our emrald card. Thank you!

  • Hi jim i had already e filed my taxes and a couple days later i received two more w2 forms i went back online to amend my taxes…my question is did i do it to soon and now i have to wait for them to send me the whole refund or will i get the frist half that was accepted before i amend them?

  • Hi Jim ….

    I need to amend my 2015 taxes because in error, my 25 year old is listed in my exemptions. I didn’t think it would claim him. Although he lives and pays rent in my home. If i just wanted to remove him, what parts do I fill out on the 1040X form? Do I need to fill out the entire thing, Lines 1-30 or just Part I on the exemption part? Thank you for your time.

    • Since removing him will impact your eventual taxable income and therefore the tax, you will need to fill out all of the parts that are impacted by removing the dependent from claiming as an exemption. Without seeing your actual return I can’t say for sure what all would be impacted.

  • I filed my 2016 taxes on January 16th. It is currently being processed and I know i am getting a sizable refund. Yesterday my wife received in the mail a W2 for $13.00 from an employer she worked zero hours for in 2016 (we think its for sick pay that was piad out to her). I know I will have to file an amended return once my original is completely processed, and the difference in my refund would be minimal. My question is…. Once I receive my refund from the IRS , can I use it?, or do I have to hold it until the amended return is filed and processed?.

    Thank you.

  • in 2015 we filed my son’s 1098-T on his tax return instead of on my husband and my joint return. He’s a full time student and was claimed as a dependent on our return. Must we file an amendment for both my son and ours to correct this error? thank you

  • Thank you for all the help you have been offering. I learned alot reading all the comments.

    I filed already and will receive my refund tomorrow 2/07/17 I just realized I didn’t enter my child care costs into my deductions ?! About a $400 difference on federal and $50 on my state .How does an amended tax return work if I already have my refund in the bank ?

    • Same as if you get it in a check or if you had to pay.

      The amended return takes the results you had from your first return and adjusts the outcome. So if your amendment caused an increase in your refund, you’ll get the difference when you submit your amendment. If your amendment resulted in an increase in the tax owed, you will have to pay up the difference.

  • Hello,

    This was my son’s first time filing his own income tax and he did not check the box that said he is someone’s qualifying child. My return was rejected. Do I wait to submit my return? I mean for the IRS to amend the change and then submit my return to reflect my son as a qualifying child since he has lived with me for the entire year and I have supported him? What are my options? My thinking is that the IRS will process his amendment and then I may be able to efile my return – is this correct thinking? or ???

    Thank you for your assistance!

    • Your son must submit an amendment to correct this problem. Once the amendment has been processed then you can file your return claiming him as a dependent.

      If the amendment takes until after April 17 to process, you can file a request for extension. This is automatic, but you must pay any tax owed with the request filing. The extension will give you until October 15 to file your original return.

      On the other hand, you could go ahead and file your return without claiming your son as a dependent, and then when his amendment is processed you can file an amendment to claim him. This might result in some of your refund coming to you more quickly.

  • Bill,
    I already did my 2016 return and its been accepted but I still have aW2 from 2015 that I need to report. Because it was sent to me late. Can I amend now or should I wait till I get this return? On that w2 I made 8913.20 and my Federal tax witheld was $846.07 do you think I might have to pay? I am scared I might have to pay some money back.

  • HI jim, I filed my 2016 taxes on h and r block website….I claimed my 20 year old brother as a dependent, because he lived with me for over 12 years…he work last year and I forgot he also has a daughter he wants to file his own taxes and claim his daughter. ..how do I amend my taxes so he can do his own taxes and claim his child…I tried to amend my taxes hours after I completed my taxes,but the site said wait till my state return is processed. ..what do I do?

  • HI jim, I filed my 2016 taxes on h and r block website….I claimed my 20 year old brother as a dependent, because he lived with me for over 12 years…he work last year and I forgot he also has a daughter he wants to file his own taxes and claim his daughter. ..how do I amend my taxes so he can do his own taxes and claim his child…I tried to amend my taxes hours after I completed my taxes,but the site said wait till my state return is processed. ..

  • HI!
    I did our taxes last night with Turbo Tax. My fiance and I live together and have 2 children. We did our taxes separately. I filed as single, he filed HOH. My thinking was, we can both claim a kid and split daycare. We paid over $14,000 in daycare last year so when I claimed 1 dependent and entered my half of daycare ($7,147.50) it automatically pulled the 2nd child in since it was over $6,000. I filed my return and then filed his with him claiming the other child as a dependent and claiming his half of daycare. It did the same thing for him and pulled both kids in. I assumed it would be fine since I didnt give me an option to pull the other kid in or take them off, and I couldnt find any info on the site that said anything in regards to this situation. His return was rejected due to my return having both children on my childcare credit. We refiled his without the childcare credit and it was accepted.
    My question is… now that we have $7,147.50 that wasnt entered on my return do I have to file an amendment even if my refund wont change since it already states I have the $6,000 max credit?
    And if I dont have to file an amendment, will this cause any issues for daycare when she does her taxes?

    • Sounds like you will want to file an amendment for each of the returns – so that you have one child claimed on each return.

      The way things stand now there should be no problem for the daycare provider – if you showed more paid to her than she actually received, that would be a problem. But less doesn’t impact her.

  • i accidentally filed my w-2s for the 2015-2016 year this year and they’ve been processed because i didn’t do it this previous year because i didn’t get my w-2’s and i didnt work for all of 2016 do i need to fix this? and if so how?

  • my taxes have been processed but i accidentally filed the 2015-2016 year under 2016, do i need to fix this seeing how im currently unemployed and didn’t work all of 2016?

  • I got married in September , I’ve claimed single the entire year .. My husband owes school funds , child support ..anything and everything you can think of !.. I filed single because it was September and got earned income credit. Well now my mom said it should be married single and injured spouse … So now what do I do..?! With this and his W2 , last year he didn’t even file his taxes?!

    • If you’re married at the end of the year you are considered married for the tax reporting year. You have two choices for filing status: Married Filing Jointly or Married Filing Separately. The only way to know which one is better is to prepare a return each way and see what the outcome is.

      Since you have already filed (incorrectly) as single, you will need to amend your return to file with one of the two statuses I mentioned above.

  • I filed married filing seperately last year because i didn’t have time to wait for the IRS to process the injured spouse form but then later filed an amended return with the injured spouse form. This year I’m in the same boat and don’t have time to wait the extended processing time. Can I do the same thing again this year?

  • I filed and I accidentally listed my 4 year old as a stepparent which disqualifies him from the child tax credit and eitc I fixed it after it was accepted will the IRS notice or will they see the updated return on taxslayer or the one I originally sent I did put son and change it after it was accepted giving me almost 2500 more back or amend after I get my refund

  • I already received my 2016 refund, today I received a 1099-G for $12 and a charitable cash donation receipt for $30. When I completed amended return 1040x on Turbo Tax, it made ZER0 diffference. No money owed or refund. When should I mail it? Should I mail it? Does it trigger audit? I’m paranoid. Thanks.

  • Hello Jim,

    I filed my taxes and I notice my filing status is incorrect is showing and it should be Head of Household when can I send my the form to amend this?

  • Hi, Jim. Thanks so much for doing this!

    So, I recently filed my taxes and am expecting a refund. However, two days after filing, I received another W2 that I forgot I would be receiving – it was from a temp agency for whom I worked for 2 months before being made permanent – and the 1040X shows that I’d still get a refund, but it would be smaller by about $450. Since I won’t owe any money, will the IRS just send me the smaller refund with an explanation or will I have to do the Amendment once I receive the original refund? Also, if it’s the former, will that delay the refund? I’m depending on that refund to keep my home, so I need to know ahead of time if I’m likely to need a Plan B.

  • Ok so in 2010 my husband and I were in the process of getting a divorce. He filled married filing joint claiming the kids, I filed married filing separately and claimed the kids and I had my income was $ 0… It’s gave me credit which I got nothing back. But he got a refund, well now there saying he owns that money back to the IRS. Even tho I had no income cause they gave me the credit for the kids.. How do we amend this so he dosent have to pay them back..??

    • Either both of you file married/separately or you file one return as married/jointly. How exactly to resolve this I don’t know, other than that he could amend his original return to include you on it (which he probably did). You’ve received communication from the IRS, you should talk to them and follow their instructions to resolve it.

  • Hi Bill,

    I filed my tax on 1/21/17 and both federal and state accepted on 1/23/17. But what if I need to amend and take off 2 dependents so their Father can claim them. Should I wait until I get my tax refund back and then send in the amendment? or can I go ahead and do my amendment now so their Father can go ahead and file his tax? If I do it now, will it delay my tax refund? Thanks for your help.

    • I need to know that as well as I used turbo tax and it mislead memail. It asked me.to list my kids so I did. Out of 3 kids I only claim two. My third child I allow the father to claim. The software asked me Ifor I had an agreement with the father to who could claim him I said yes. It asked me if the other parent to will be claiming him I said yes again thenext the software listed him as a non dependant EIC only leading me to believe that somehow the IRS would know I gave my permission to the father to claim him. When he filled it said that child was already used on my taxes. How do I fix this

      • I use turbo tax and my situation is similar. Although you have an agreement that your ex that he can claim one of the children. I make it clear to my ex that he can only claim the exemption not the earned income credit. So when your ex filed it sounds like he tried to claim the exemption and the EIC. If you’re cool with that, then at the part about “how many months does your child spend with you, you should say 0. Our divorce papers say exemption, so that’s all I allow since they spend 95% of their time with me.

  • I e-field my W2 on January 19, 2017 and it got accepted but delaying due to PATH Act. So I might receive my return around February 15. Just today I got 1099 misc. now what should I do? Should I wait till I get my return (around Feb 15) or should I amend right now?

  • So I just did my taxes last night and I got approved for one of the education credits. If I want to amend the taxes for the years 2013,2014 and 2015 ( because the previous tax people did not use to help 1098-T forms), would it be smarter to send the amendments separately or all together? Everything has been pretty consistent with how much I’ve earned and stuff like that. Is it possible they could get rejected? I know that this is the last year to amend 2013.

  • I’ve been married since 2007 but have always filed single because my husband is incarcerated and that is what I was told to do by my tax preparer. I found out this year that I should have filed married jointly. Should I ammend my last 3 years tax returns to change my status? And if I do, what is the probability of me owing money or receiving a larger refund? I make less than $19k/year.

  • I already did my taxes and they have already been accepted but I was suppose to get back way more than what I am getting back for I had four slips from the casino. Someone told me I can go get slips on my losses and report that and maybe it would have even it out, can I file a amendment with my loses and maybe get some of my money back and also I notice that I owe the state but it wasn’t that much until I punch in the casino slips so would those make a difference on how much I would owe the state also?

  • I had to add on another 1098-T for a college I attended today. I just filed my income taxes last night and got the email stating that the IRS approved them. The 1098-T that I added on made no changes to my original tax return, all the numbers stayed the same. So my question is, does the amend affect my entire tax return or just what would have been amended? Is it going to take the full 16weeks to get my entire federal refund back?

  • I filed my taxes on 1/24/17 and as of yesterday got an email from my employer saying there was an error in preparing my w-2 for box one and they will be sending a corrected w2. The website I prepared my taxes on states “We recommend that you don’t amend your tax return until after you’ve received your refund or paid the taxes you owe from the original return you filed” Is this correct?

  • I filed my taxes on 1/24/17 and as of yesterday got an email from my employer saying there was an error in preparing my w-2 for box one and they will be sending a corrected w2. The website I prepared my taxes on states “We recommend that you don’t amend your tax return until after you’ve received your refund or paid the taxes you owe from the original return you filed” Is this correct?

  • Hi Jim,

    Last year (2015 filing), I inexplicably left off my $5500 contribution to my IRA (non-Roth). is there an easy way to handle this? Last year I used a CPA but am filing on my own this year (her fees were too high), and realized I failed to have her include the contribution.

  • i accidently marked that “someone else can’t claim” me on my tax return i already submitted it and accepted it but my father is claiming me on his taxes so i amended my tax return to change it now how long does my father have to wait to file his taxes with me as a dependent?

  • My wife received a w2 after I filed her taxes on turbotax. So I chose to prepare a amended return 2days later but did not mail it in. After learning it’s best to wait to file a amendment. So went back on turbotax and fixed the changes I had made to her return to show nothing else was prepared besides the original 1040. Her federal and state showed it was accepted before she received the 2nd w2 and before I made changes. So is everything ok? And I will just have to file a amended return for the w2 she received after filing?

  • Hello Jim, I e-filed my return last week and the next day, I got a 1099 from a small cash distribution from an old work 401/IRA, that I’d forgotten I took early in 2016. It was a couple thousand dollars. I withheld the taxes at the time I took the dispersement. So, in my original filing, I didn’t enter that 1099. But I went back into my fileyourtaxes.com account and entered the 1099 the very next day. It did not look like the return had been submitted yet, and the site updated my changes, and changed my refund amount from 1376.00 to 1094.00. And I spoke to a rep for that site and asked to make sure I caught my return in time and asked if the updated return was the one that was going to be submitted to IRS. She said yes. Well, I just got my refund deposited and it was for the original amount of 1376.00 that did not incorporate the 1099.

    Is it likely the IRS will go back and catch that post-payment? I mean, I don’t want to file an amended return and start giving them back money, but I don’t want to be hit with additional fees down the road either, if I just clam up. I guess I’m just asking if I should let this sleeping dog lie??

    Thx, David in Pittsburgh

    • If your refund is based on the original return and you don’t find evidence of an amendment being processed, you should submit an amendment to include this income. The IRS will definitely come back to you and ask why you are underreporting income (and they don’t think it’s funny).

  • So, let me see if I understand this right. I filed my e-return, then I got a second W2. I got a 1040X filled out with the service I used (TaxSlayer.), I notice in what I printed out I got not only a 1040X and a 1040XN (For Nebraska.) but also additional 1040s (An EZ and N, federal and state 1040s, respectively.).

    So I ONLY send the 1040X and 1040XN… do I also send the additional W2 as well, and keep the 1040EZ and 1040N for myself? This is not something I see covered by any instructions I saw, and I’m just getting more and more confused.

    Also, am I waiting until I get the refunds from the federal tax people and the state before sending the amended returns? What sort of explanation am I supposed to give in the box?

  • Question in my education section it asks how many times my parents claimed the American opportunity or the hope credit I was unsure(but knew I didn’t qualify for them this year) I left it blank and my mom said she didn’t know how to find that I figured out how many times you claimed it. I didn’t gain or lose any return should I amend that section or wait to see if everything goes through just fine?

  • I e filed my taxes last night. I used my 19 year old son as a dependent so I could file head of household. I later noticed he had to be a student if he was 19. He graduated high school in May and started working in July and made around 4500.00 last year. I marked he was not a full time student but I’m thinking I should have said he was since he was in school until may. He also filed and said he wasn’t a full time student and that someone else had claimed him as a dependent. Was this handled correctly or will I need to amend the return?

  • Hello I filled my taxes on turbo tax I realized I made a mistake so I amended it on the site and it let me go back and fix things and now on my tax refund it says two amounts . The original up top the changed refund at the bottom by my bank info which one do I go by

  • I received my W -2 two days after I filled my taxes. I has to send in a 1040X. I just realized that both and my husband singed but forgot to date the 1040X. What should we do now?

  • I have a question.
    I E-filed my 2016 return and it was aceepted by irs 24 hrs later then 2 days later i received another W-2 form for 1,200. The company i filed with said that i should amend my return so i did & added my other form but i have yet to send it off. Can you pls explain the process in what i should do about this. Im very confused and havent received any help or advice on the amended return. Do i need to send it off asap or do i need to wait until they process my first return?

  • Hello Jim, My employer had my partner setup incorrectly as a dependent when technically he did not qualify as such per their exact definition of dependent and sent me amended W2’s for the last 7 years or so. The change being were how his dental and vision coverage were handled on the employers side, the actual cost to me did not change. Will amended IRS filings need to be filed?

  • Is there a way to find out if someone claimed a child on a past return?
    My ex-husband claims my daughter and I claim my son per our divorce decree (they both live with me) He recently told me that he never claimed her because he makes too much money (??) and that I could file an amendment to claim her. When I asked him again for some confirmation on this – he told me to figure it out myself. Before I go through the process of filing an amendment I wanted to confirm that she was never claimed – is there a way to do this?

  • Hello Jim,

    For year 2015 I filed 1040NR instead of 1040NR-EZ. To correct this, I filled 1040x and 1040NR-EZ form with “Amended” written on top of each form and attached my W2 and mailed it to IRS in November 2016. I still have not received any response from IRS. I already got my refund in May 2016.

    There is no change in any numbers or filing status. Its just I filled 1040NR form insteaed of 1040NR-EZ.

    I would like to know if I have missed anything here? Will it affect my 2016 filing?

    • There should be no difference and no impact on your 2016 filing. Unless I’ve missed something about this situation, you should not have needed to file the amendment – the EZ form produces the same result as the non-EZ form, it’s just simpler to fill out. Since your original form was accepted there was no need to amend it unless something changed.

  • My 20 yr old son lived with me all year and I supported him I forgot about a job he had from earlier in the year where he made 9600 and I claimed him at h&r block what will happen when he files does he just mark we claimed him or what ?

  • Hi I just did my taxes on H&R block online and filed it before I got my 1095 form and didn’t add two months of health coverage, I already got penalized for the the ones I didnt have coverage and for my kids, what should I do, amend it? I just don’t want to mess everything up! Thanks.

  • My 2014 and 2015 taxes were filed incorrectly. I received a 1099 misc from an organization who gave me a Scholarship for both years. On the form box 3 other income is where to amount was put. This money was not for business purposes or self employment. Unfortunately, when I filed my taxes it went in as self employment and the money was taxed. What should I do and will I be able to expect a refund because of this mistake?

    • Box 3 on Form 1099Misc is for “Other Income”. Unless you have expenses to offset the income you will need to claim this money as income and pay tax on it. Likely if this money was used for education you have taken education / tuition credits or offsets elsewhere on your return, so technically this money is un-taxed in that fashion.

  • I filed my taxes and listed all of my dependents on my return. Their father is supposed to claim 4 of them this year so it told me they weren’t eligible dependents. Now his tax returns keep getting rejected because my taxes have been accepted with all my kids counting towards my EIC. How do I fix this so he can file his taxes and claim 4 of our 5 kids.

      • Hello Jim,

        So this same situation happened with me and My child’s father is amending his return as we speak. By any chance do you know how long it would take to process and would he still have to mail in a separate form.

        • Join the club! I bet I answer this same type of question a dozen times every year.

          It takes around four months for the amended return to process, and this is accomplished by mailing in a form. It can take more time than that if there are problems with the return.

  • Hello i would like to what i should do i file a return every years my dependents never change i just noticed after i sent it that one of twins day of birth is not correct the irs accpeted the return do i need to amend the return. I never have done this before we all have july birthdays and rushing through i put my day in. The year and month are right though.

  • Hi,
    Really helpful advice here, thank you. My specific question: I received a second 2016 1098 the day AFTER filing (of course). My bank transferred my mortgage to another company during the course of the year. Do I need to file an amendment if I took the Standard deduction?

    • If the IRS correctly adjusted your account then you should not need to file an amendment. Often when the IRS finds a problem with your return they don’t take into account all of your information and the tax is higher than it should be – this then requires an amendment to be filed, correcting the tax.

  • The father of my son and I do not have an agreement whether who can claim our son. He claimed him and he already filed his taxes. can he amend his taxes to unclaim our son and for me to claim him? Do I have to wait after the amendment goes through first in either for me to file mine? Thank you

  • forgot to claim 12.11 cents in interest income. I am expecting a refund so I ran numbers and amt of refund does not change due to the 12.11 in interest. return already submitted and accepted by IRS. Do i need to file an amended return for 12.11 in interest income? Thanks.

  • Do you have to file an amended return if you chose full year health coverage but you only had half year and your dependent had full year? I believe I’d still be exempt from the penalty.

  • I never received my tax return from 2013 and found out that I needed to amend the return to get my refund. Is this still possible to do four years later? When I checked for my refund status it always said that it was unavailable and that I should contact someone to see what was happening with it. I did not get notified that my return was being held because I needed to amend my tax return until about a year later after trying to call again. It’s quite a bit of money and I am a intern graduate student not making an income due to full-time school. I know they say that it’s up to three years but was wondering if there was a possibility that I could still claim my refund after sending in an amended return?

  • By chance I discovered that my former CPA failed to include some income on the return for an old S corporation with which I was associated. The return is now 9 years old. Must, or should, I seek to file an amended 1120S?

    • Yikes.

      Depends on how significant it is, in my opinion. If it’s a relatively small amount (say, less than $100) you might just include it in the current year’s return as miscellaneous. If it’s something significant you should probably amend the original year’s return.

  • I just completed my tax returns and listed my daughter as the wrong gender. Will I need to file an amended tax return? All of her other information is correct. Thank you!

  • I have a quick question. I have already efiled my 2016 taxes and they have been accepted. i started college August 2016 and they sent me form 1098-T. I didn’t know that the college would send me a form. Do I need to amend my return ?

  • If I just received in 2017, a 1099c for cancelled debt with the identifiable event in tax year 2103; do i have to amend my return since this is over three years later that i am finding out about this additional attributed income?

  • By mistake my gf doesn’t speak full English in at work she put 7 claim but she only have a dauther What can happen? theres anything she can do to fix this ?

  • i accidentally filed a previous year w-2 with this year which i filed electronically what do i do? it says it was accepted. i ammended it but havent sent it out yet.Should i wait or just mail it ?

  • My tax preparer filed for me yesterday & he forgot to include my self employment like he said he would. He only filed with my w2’s its already submitted, so of course I’m upset so know he’s amending it.. Is it going to be longer for me to receive my refund now?

  • Efiled 3 weeks ago and just received my 1099 which is $140 more than what I projected and submitted on my return. Is it a problem if I just wait for IRS to process and either they will adjust or ask me to submit an amended return? I guess I’m just hoping for an educated guess that I will be okay if I wait and possibly not have to amend return. Please advise.

  • Hello, I just got a quick question. My boyfriends taxes was accepted early then he got another w2 so I went ahead and did a amend change return before the due date cause he was going to owe money cause of EIC and I did it on TurboTax and it showing it already adjusted the amount but I was wondering if he’s still going to get the original amount or go ahead and get the amend return? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    Hoping you can help me. I just filed my taxes today with H&R Block and noticed after it was submitted that Line 48b and 48d on the 1040A are not my account numbers. I dont know what those numbers are and when i asked the woman who did my taxes, she said it was the “rack number” or number the money was being deposited from the IRS. Question 4 where the “payment instructions” is located does have my correct account info. The woman assured me all was well but I do not feel as such. Is this information truthful or have I been scammed? I am so worried!

    • If you requested a refund anticipation loan, then the refund from your return would go to H&R, rather than your account. If you did not and you expected the funds to be deposited in your account, then those fields should show your bank routing and account information – unless there is something I’m not understanding about this.

  • My tax return has been accepted already but I think my 1099 was off by a couple thousand dollars because I got impulsive and added my invoice receipts instead of waiting for 1099 misc what should I do because I know it’s is holding returns til feb 15 pertaining to earned income credit and child tax credit

  • Good day sir,my husband filed the tax (IRs) 2015 with my social security number was incorrect. , Now we are going to Correct my social security number now (January 2017).My question is ,how long it takes to receive the money tax return? Thank you and highly appreciated

  • Hi there! I have filed my taxes electronically with TurboTax. I recently realized that I entered my child care providers Tax ID incorrectly. My Federal has been accepted, but my state has not yet. When my state has been accepted should I do an amendment? Is this something that should’ve been caught and rejected?
    Thank you!

  • Hello! I filed my taxes (Federal and State) but I maDE a mistake on my State and applied my overpayment to my estimated tax account (which I don’t have a tax account) or owes any money. Do you think the it’s will fix it if they notice I dont have a tax account and send my state tax , or will I have to ammend my State tax?

  • I just e-filed my tax return and afterwards I noticed that my federal tax ID number on schedule C was off by one digit.
    Will the IRS notice this and reject it automatically allowing me to correct the mistake and we submit via E file?
    What happens if the IRS accepts the tax return but does not notice the incorrect federal tax ID number?… do I call them to notify them of the mistake ? Will they be able to correct this by me just calling them or do I have to make an amended return and mail it to them ?

  • I already submitted my return to esmart today it has not been accepted or rejected yet. I just found out I can claim my boyfriend as a dependent because he has not worked in 2016 and has lived in my apartment all year. What do I do about claiming him now that I have already submitted my federal return?

  • I just submitted my return to esmart. It has not been accepted or rejected yet. I was just told that I can claim my boyfriend as a dependent because he has not worked all year and has lived with me the whole year. How do I go about claiming him now?

  • hi i filed my taxes thru h&r block i havent paid yet but they are done and ive signed everything. but i had someone else look it over and they can get me more back. obviosly i want to go that route.since h&r already has them prepped but i havnt paid them what should i do. i dont wanna be n trouble with the irs

  • The person who did my taxes for the last three years added my minor childs ssa income as my income. It changed my adjusted gross income by 11,000.00. What should I do?

  • I incorrectly filed my taxes with status as Married filing jointly, when I was on an F-1 visa for the financial year 2012. I think that on an F-1 visa status one cannot claim the Married filing jointly exemption.

    It has been more than 3 years. What should I do now? Do I need to file an amendment? Can I still find an amendment?


  • I worked in two states in 2013. My employer took out income tax for the one i resided in a majority of the year ( 8.5 months) and not the second. Unfortunately i absentmindedly filed for just the one state income based on my w2’s address.

    What should i go about doing to correct this error? Do i need to contact my previous employer and have them revise the original w2. I am very confused and could use some guidance.

    • Should not be a need for a corrected W2 – if they did not withhold tax for state #2, then you will just owe whatever should have been withheld.

      You can file a return to state #2 with the appropriate income allocation, and if necessary file an amended return with state #1 showing only that income that should have been taxed in that state.

      I don’t think there’s a need to amend the federal return at all, unless you itemized deductions and did not include all of the state income tax.

  • I filed w h and r block by myself and didnt claim Colorado new eic for 2 children! How do i go about amending it so i can receive the extra credit and cash by my self! Should i wait till i get my new tx info and do it together if i can… please help

  • I filed my HSA as being single person for 3 years, but I carry my wife on it as well. I see that is considered family if more than one person. Is it worth amending it for 2013-2015? If so, what should I fill out? Thanks!

  • I had incorrectly calculated my loss carryover from 2014 to 2015. Can I amend 2015 tax return with the correct schedule d even if it does not change my agi? The capital gain will remain the same,maxed out at -3000 but I want to apply the losses to 2016.

  • Hi I have a question i just filed threw turbo tax and was reviewing my return paperwork and realised that i accidentally put my daughters birthday wrong by one day how can i fix that if i can?

  • I just got a form saying its a corrected form of my w-2 and says i may need to amend it and my previously reported is more then the correct information so will i owe money or get some back from the previous year

  • Hello. I just filed my taxes using Turbo tax. After I already sent the tax forms, I noticed that my IRA Distribution was placed on Line 16B instead of Line 15B on the 1040. Do I need to amend this return or will the IRS figure it out? Nothing changes as far as amounts and taxes paid.

  • I have a question. The last few years I used an app to file my taxes and was unable to claim any part of my rent on my taxes. I started this years on line and saw that since I rent and made more then the amount allowed but said I could under the school tax. ( something like that) can I redo the last two years of my taxes for that credit?

    Thank you

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Generally, rent is not an allowable deduction for the average taxpayer. If you have a business and you rent facilities or equipment, that is an allowable deduction.

      Maybe if you give some more details about your question we can figure out what will work for you.

  • I recently discovered an error in a W2 I received from several years ago. I contacted the employer who issued it, and explained what I believed was in error. They agreed with me and told me they will be issuing me a W2C.

    I understand that I have 3 years from the filing deadline to file a 1040X. However, what happens if I re