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Ensuring our Long-Term Care
Top Ten Reasons you MUST Participate in Your Company Retirement Plan

Ensuring our Long-Term Care

Statistics are telling us that approximately 25% of us will need some sort of extended long-term nursing care during our lives – and as our life spans increase with improvements in medical care, this number is likely to go up.

Most of us have had situations with family or friends where we’ve witnessed this firsthand – and since Medicare doesn’t really provide much in the way of long-term care benefits, the individual is left with three possible sources to pay for long-term care:

1.private payments from your savings and other sources
2.long-term care insurance coverage (LTCI)

Given the tremendous …

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Top Ten Reasons you MUST Participate in Your Company Retirement Plan

With all deference to fabulous late night talk shows, here are ten reasons to consider putting some of your hard earned wages into an account with your employer’s retirement plan.

10. The company is required to provide a variety of investment choices and access to information about those investments.

9.  You’ll save taxes on the money you put in the plan now and you’ll probably be in a lower tax bracket when you take the money out after you retire.

8.  Forced savings – if you don’t get it in your pay check now, you don’t spend it now.

7.  …

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