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Making Charitable Donations Count
What to do When You Receive a Notice From the IRS

Making Charitable Donations Count

More than ever, not-for-profit organizations need your support. Charitable donations go down during times of economic recession, just when more people need help. But to whom, how, and how much you give are decisions you need to make based on solid information, not just emotions. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to research charities and to make donations.

Choosing Who to Support

It’s important to support organizations whose values and mission mirror your own beliefs, whether by advancing social causes, providing research and education or promoting shared beliefs. But while a charity’s goals and services are important considerations, they are not …

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What to do When You Receive a Notice From the IRS

IRS-Envelope-edited-300x142You’re cruising along with everyday life, dealing with this, that and the other thing… then you go to the mailbox and there it is:  A Notice From The IRS.  <queue scary music here> It’s a simple enough little envelope, much the same as a lot of other mail you might receive… but look at the return address.  IT’S.  FROM.  THE.  IRS. ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What should you do?  (Other than sit down, of course, before you fall down)

Steps To Take

First and foremost:  calm down. The IRS sends out literally millions of these notices, often for clarification of a minor item… Read More

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