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What to Consider When Considering A Second Home
Don’t make this mistake with your 401K

What to Consider When Considering A Second Home

Second Home

My wife and I took our long-awaited vacation at Turks and Caicos last week. Apart from enjoying the white sandy beaches and the cool breezes, I also noticed there was so much enthusiasm in fellow-vacationers about owning a second home at the beach front. And, the confidence that they could afford such a commitment was high. I wondered why – and then answered my own question: Perhaps, these two financial factors had a role to play: 1) the 9-year long bull market rise (despite some notable and recent slides), and 2) interest rates that remain historically low.

Hence this blog

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Don’t make this mistake with your 401K

It’s no secret that I love Roth IRAs. Don’t tune out because you think you make too much money to have one!

Let me count the ways they’re great:

  • No required minimum distribution at 70 ½, so you can leave the money to grow into old age if you wish.
  • Grows tax free and you pay no taxes on any of it when you withdraw after 59 ½.
  • Can always withdraw your contribution tax free.
  • Can be used for medical emergencies and a $10,000 down payment on a first house (but don’t—leave it alone for retirement!)
  • Your heirs will pay
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