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What Is It That You Want To DO?

What Is It That You Want To DO?

Note: Taking a little break from tax law and retirement planning for the day… One of the questions that I often ask folks as we’re working on financial matters is – “what is it that you want to DO?”  And in this case, DO is capitalized to be emphatic, because the context of the question is with regard to life.  “What is it that you want to DO in your life?” Deep down, we all have the desire to matter.  We want to, in some way, create a legacy of our life, so that this time we’ve spent here doesn’t seem like we’ve wasted our chances.  Not that what we do every day – caring for our families, performing our job, etc., is a waste of time.  But if we’re not cognizant of a greater purpose for our life, oftentimes life seems unfulfilled.  It doesn’t have to be grandiose, we […]

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