5 Ways to Earn Income in Retirement

When you retire, you may want some extra retirement income and what better way to make it than doing what you love? Now is the time to start so that your business is profitable when you need it in retirement.


Joan Jones of Joan’s Boomer Blog offers these 5 creative ways to keep you earning, and to keep you active during your retirement.

Make Something Unique

Make and sell products and market them on storefronts such as Etsy.com or Artfire.com, which specialize in handmade items.

Write about Your Passion

Create a blog or website and put affiliate ads on it. Review books or products and sell them via the Amazon affiliate program or a Google Adsense account, or find your own companies to represent.

Create a Product

You probably have a lot of expertise in your area of interest or can find a niche to research. Consider writing an e-book or creating an e-course. You can market it on your website or sell via marketplaces such as Clickbank.com or Amazon kindle.

Teach Classes

If you like interacting with others and sharing your passion, teach others. You can teach at the local recreation center or junior college in community education or set-up an online class at TeachStreet.com

And Keep in Mind

When turning your passion into profit, keep in mind that once your passion becomes “work” it may not seem like as much fun. Realize that there will be work involved in making it successful. However, the fact that you are able to spend your days focusing on your passion makes it different than any other “job.”

Joan Jones is an award winning freelance journalist who specialized in healthy living and baby boomer issues. Visit Joan’s Boomer Blog for articles on creating health, wealth and happiness in the second half of life.

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