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Janet Yellen Whispers to Markets ….. Normal Begins Again Next Week
Remembering 13 Years Ago …. A Personal Wish
Medicare Intro … Part A and B Overview (First of Series on Medicare)
Are Markets Efficient ? Not Always …
A Word About Recent Public Data Breaches … Summer Friday

Janet Yellen Whispers to Markets ….. Normal Begins Again Next Week

In a sign of just how delicate markets are and how soft the delivery of information needs to be, this week we believe, Janet Yellen whispered to market participants …. Here is how:

Shhh, Interest rates are too low guys

From this “Research Paper” (subtle press release maybe) :
  • This from a Dovish (less likely to increase rates) San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank
  • Wall Street you are underestimating the likely increase
  • Increases may come faster than you expect
  • Rates may currently be lower than they should be
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Remembering 13 Years Ago …. A Personal Wish

Thirteen years ago this morning the 9-11 plane attack occurred. With several friends and many acquaintances losing their lives in the terrible attack, I wanted to remember them, and all of their families. 9-11  

Personal Wish

My personal wish is to move our country more towards the unity we had just after the tragic event. Race, nationality, gender, political affiliation or geographic location (world-wide) … the boundaries were down and we all united.
Maybe out of respect and remembrance for those friends and families we can all try once again to move closer to unity…. just my personal wish !!
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Medicare Intro … Part A and B Overview (First of Series on Medicare)

After seven weeks of dissecting Social Security, again from our Private Client Roundtable, this week we begin digging into Medicare. According to our speaker Mr. Tom Clark, as you will hear in great detail, Medicare is even more important and dynamic than Social Security. We have a new Medicare Page on this site as some are still not receiving the all important audio portion on the email notification. Let’s get going!

Medicare Basics


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  • Medicare Age 65 Commences for ALL
  • Part A = Hospital In Coverage – No
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Are Markets Efficient ? Not Always …

There are lessons to be learned from certain events. Recently one lesson played out loud and clear.

What a wild ride !

Proof Of Market Inefficiencies

Stock Pop Chart(Sorry the chart is hard to read, its cropped to cut out the name)

This 5 cent stock with no earnings, one employee, and a suspicious foreign address jumped to over $21, nearing a multi billion dollar valuation. Regulators stepped in and halted the stock for multiple days. When it was re-opened, it crashed back down to earth.

Magnified Example

This of course is an extreme example but it is worth remembering at all …

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A Word About Recent Public Data Breaches … Summer Friday

Recently a Milwaukee security firm publicly released a stunning estimate of possible data breaches.  The news was picked up in this New York Times article and the blaze was on.

Estimated Over a Billion Passwords Hacked

The stunning number seems to be what has caught many, including myself by surprise. No matter the accuracy of this research a few continued steps will help prevent your information falling into the wrong hands. (Recall we have spoken of this before here , here, and here.)

  1. Change Passwords Frequently
  2. Do not keep the same password on all accounts
  3. Keep a strong
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