Does it Look Too Good to Be True? Seek Financial Planning Advice

One woman looking to snag a deal and make someone happy found what she thought was an Xbox at an incredible price. It turned out that what she thought was a low-priced Xbox game console was actually an Xbox fridge. This novelty item was made and packaged to look like the game console when was actually an appliance to keep food cold.

It’s an amusing story and it made for a great social media post but as one observer quoted in a Yahoo! article wondered, ‘Isn’t this false advertising?” There are cases where things are advertised in a way to mislead but this may not have been one of them. The box does state that is for a mini fridge. On the other hand, it is also not difficult to see why the woman made such a mistake.

There is nothing wrong with a bargain but if we move too quickly or don’t look at the fine print, we may find that we are not getting what we thought we’d get. This goes for products that we want to take home to major expenditures. Whether it’s investment, insurance policies, or real estate, we need to careful. Even when we feel confident that we know what we are buying, if it is too good to be true, it just might be. 

For this reason, it helps to have an advisor whose focus is your financial wellbeing. A holistic Fee-Only financial planner can offer neutral, professional advice. This is something that those trying to convince you to buy are not likely to do. Even when there is no false advertising or inviting packaging, you need someone to look at costs in light of your overall financial goals. 

Commenters on social media said they would prefer to have a mini fridge anyway. We often find ways to make the most of our missteps but avoiding certain lessons is more ideal than having to find a silver lining. Let a Fee-Only financial advisor help you.

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