How To Find Your Fulfilling Retirement Pre-Retirement

It’s now more likely than ever that we’ll be working past retirement age, so we took a look at the personal experience of one of our advisors, Carol Friedhoff, and the lessons she learned.

The first and most important thing she says is to know what your goals are. “If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know that you got there? I could not have accomplished anything without a plan.”

So make sure you know where you’re going and why. There’s no point working hard unless you know what you’re working for.

Secondly, do your homework. Carol had experience in the corporate world and says that corporations always prepare well before taking risks with a new venture. “I knew that companies did research and conducted pilots or experiments before moving forward in a new area.” Sage advice for any situation.

Finally, she made sure that her professional goals didn’t start to overshadow her personal ones. After starting a business, she worked much more and her husband soon began to resent it.

But they resolved the issue by focusing on her husband’s goal – to retire in Arizona. They traveled there together and worked on a property they had found, refreshing them both. Carol then reduced her work schedule when they returned and they ended up achieving a happy balance.


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