How to Retire Early Without Having to Earn Millions

Meet Robert and Robin Charlton. Two normal people who decided to retire early, stuck to their plan – and did it.

As Robert said himself, “Really, we’re very average people. We never had power jobs. We just both took intelligent steps.”

Thanks to Susan Johnston, here are some of them:

1.)  Agree on your priorities

The couple stopped grocery shopping on impulse and started sticking to shopping lists. They also chose not to upgrade their cars, saving all that extra money for their long-term investments.

2.) Cut housing costs

They felt they didn’t have room to cut costs with housing so took a step most of us wouldn’t – rented out half of their property. They then switched from a 30-year to a 15-year mortgage and paid it off early.

3.) Live below your means

Robert and Robin now travel with their time and maximize their income by staying in less expensive places like India and Nepal, with only the occasional splurge to treat themselves.

4.) Don’t quit the market

Resisting the urge to time the market, they kept their investments during downturns and bought stocks in bears, which later turned out to be sound investments.

5.) Don’t rule out work if you need it

They’re open to making adjustments as they go or returning to work if needed, and Robert did a 6 month stint as a consultant in 2009 to improve their finances

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