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I wanted to write a short post this week letting our readers know that even though the majority of them may not be located in the state of Illinois, we are generally still able to help and work with you should you want to use or services. Here are a few ways that we can make your experience working with us as “local” and as professional as possible.
  1. We use email – a lot. This is arguably the main way we communicate with clients. It’s not that we’re above using the phone, but with our schedules we are frequently out of the office. Email lets us stay in contact with you regardless of where we’re at.
  1. We use video conferencing. Whether we’re in the office or traveling for business we can easily have a face to face conversation with you if you’d like to put a face with the name. This allows a more intimate conversation without the need of either of us being physically present.
  1. You see what we see. For clients that use our investment management services, they are set up with an online account where they are able to see exactly what we see on a daily basis when it comes to their assets. Transparency is so important in our role as fiduciaries.
  1. We serve you. One of the most important reasons why we value the fee-only compensation model is that we work for our clients. No other entity, product or individual compensates us for the work we do except directly from our clients. In other words, our clients are our employers.
  1. Regardless of location, we still have your best interests in mind. Let me be more specific, we must have your best interests in mind. We couldn’t agree with this business model and fiduciary standard more. It makes serving our clients much more enjoyable for us, and we think our clients enjoy it also.
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