Planting New Seeds for Financial Freedom

Valentine’s Day is over and many people have gone into stores to take advantage of discounts on merchandise that did not sell before February 14. CNN Business even wrote about “What happens to the Valentine’s Day flowers that don’t get sold?” in case you ever wondered what happens to surplus flowers. Unlike candy, which may be edible for quite a while, flowers will not stay fresh forever.

According to CNN Business, these flowers are donated, used to educate people studying to be florists, thrown away, or they get composted.

Now what does that have to do with financial planning? We’ll tell you—after you have been out there on your own for a while, you may have accumulated a lot of financial lessons (and probably some finance-related books, CDs, tapes, magazines, and other products). Are you still holding on to all of it?

Donating: If you look at your shelves and see books or videos from a finance guru that are no longer useful to you, why not donate them? What didn’t work for you, might be instructional for someone else. You may not realize it but each time to see the books, etc. that you don’t use or didn’t particularly like, your mind may linger on them a bit too long and this can be distracting.

Composting: Many of us have learned some financial lessons the hard way. We invested in something that didn’t work out, be it real estate or stocks. We have bought things that fell apart quickly. We have thrown good money after bad. It happens. And after you donate material items related to your less than amazing money moves, soak up those lessons and use them to till the soil for new financial ventures. You already know what may not work. So, count these episodes as a lesson learned and use the experience as you move on.

If you feel stuck or uncertain as to where to go next in your financial planning, consult a Fee-Only financial planner. A Fee-Only financial planner doesn’t just crunch numbers, these professionals also help you find ways to clarify and reach your financial goals.


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