Stay Positive While Adjusting Your Financial Planning

This past Sunday (September 13) was National Positive Thinking Day. With all that is happening in the world, it can be difficult to continue to think positive but it is important to do so.

There are a lot of people who are suffering and a lot of people who do not have enough. If you are scraping by but still worried, try to focus on what you do have and how you can use all of your resources efficiently.

Many people reached a point of fatigue with the pandemic long before now. They miss the things they used to do. They are tired of the precautions that we have been told are necessary. And, in contrast to the people who are in a financial crunch, people who have enough are sometimes spending more because they don’t feel hopeful about the future. They are deciding to just spend on temporary ways to boost their mood with little regard for the future.

What matters is finding the balance between being despondent and being overly optimistic. If you are feeling down, look at what parts of your financial life you can control:

  • You cannot prevent an employer from letting you go. You can, however, control your spending and save more in the event that you lose your job. 
  • You still have to repay debts, even during a pandemic. But if money is tight, you can make minimum payments (even when you’d prefer to pay down the debt faster).
  • If you are reluctant to use your savings, remember that you put aside money for difficult times and this time qualifies. Don’t worry that you’ll need it later, if you actually need what is in your savings right now to stay housed and fed.
  • Try not to focus on what you have lost, be it work, or investment gains. Focus your financial planning on working with what you have now.

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