Supplemental Coverages after Medicare A & B … Why do I need supplemental ?

In our continued series from our Private Client Roundtable event earlier this year, Mr. Tom Clark gives us the details on supplemental coverage. There are three possible broad supplemental options, today we get started with the easier of them.  But First….
Why do I need a supplemental coverage?
Medicare A & B will cover about 80% of your expenses. By listening to the short audio from Mr. Clark, it is easy to see how the remaining 20% can still become a debilitating cost.

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Employer Group Medicare Supplemental Plans

You either have the option or not :Group Health
  • Long term plans supplemented by a company/former employer
  • Due to the above mentioned supplement, cost savings are sometimes available
  • Often the best coverage choice, BUT
  • High deductible can render these plans ineffective
  • Not available to everyone
Next up, more supplemental options! Have a Great Day! John A. Kvale CFA, CFP
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