Supporting Fathers During a Pandemic

We recently overheard a radio offering a promotion that allowed the winning caller a chance to treat their father to dinner on Father’s Day (this coming Sunday). One lucky family will be able to get a meal at no cost and the restaurant offering this meal got airtime and publicity.

So, while the pandemic had changed many things, people are still looking for ways to celebrate. Parents in general have weathered a lot of change these past few months with fathers and mothers adapting to losing jobs or having to work from home with children at hand  because schools were closed.

Many people are making their peace with the changes and if they aren’t to making their peace, they are at least finding ways to move forward.

In “Amid the frustrations of being stuck at home, a pink heart is slipped beneath Daddy’s door, “ a writer with the Chicago Sun-Times discusses feeling guilty about locking his home office door to get works done. As the title, indicates, after locking the door, his son still found a way to reach him by slipping a heart underneath the door.

However, the father who was part of a much-discussed article that appeared in The Lily, was not ready to take on more time with his child and as a result, his wife dissolved her tech company to care for their son.

Some of us are finding it easier to cope than others and we would like to continue to make the case for working with a Fee-Only financial planner. It would be wonderful if society was structured in such a way that people could pursue careers and parenting without worrying about how to balance it all. Perhaps in the years to come, things will change to make this a reality. For now, though, we live with certain constraints. And this is where planning for contingencies can help. It may not eliminate all difficulties but sound financial planning can certainly make a difference.

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