The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Investors

As Suzanne Woolley writes in her Bloomberg post, she’s identified seven habits of effective investors. I would agree with her on these habits.

  1. Save early, and automatically
  2. Expect financial emergencies
  3. Set an asset allocation, and diversify
  4. Keep fees low
  5. Use an advisor who is a fiduciary
  6. Spend less than you earn
  7. Maximize employee benefits

I would add Avoid leverage and Avoid speculation. You should invest within your risk tolerance and risk capacity. And, think long term for retirement investing and invest more conservatively as you come closer to needing your money for college, cars, or other financial goals.



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Daniel D. Joss MBA, CFP®, RLP® is a seasoned Financial Life Planning professional with over 16 years of advising clients. Dan earned a Master of Business Administration, with an emphasis in financial planning from Regent University in 1999. He has been selected more than once as Top Financial Advisor in Northern Virginia Magazine. Dan speaks regularly in various peer forums and professional organizations. He has also been quoted in various national and local print and online publications.

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