What Financial Skills Matter in Planning vs. Investing?

Taylor interviewed Chad and Perry About Professional Skills.

Taylor Payne, CPA/PFS, CFP®, asks Chad Sander, CFP®, Director of Investments, and Perry Moore, CBEC™, CFP®, MBA, Director of Wealth Planning, important questions on why Skills Matter to your financial life planning and living your best life.

What does the investment department do and what skills are required?

Chad: Our investment team members are credentialed professionals. Bethany is a CFA® charter holder, Taylor and I (Chad) are CFP® certificants, and Kyle is a CIMA® professional.  All three of these designations show a commitment to achieving the highest standards in professional advancement and a commitment to education focusing on investment strategy, portfolio theory, and economics. As a result, we have a team built to provide the right level of skills that our client’s complex situations require.

How do these skills help your investment team deliver to clients the kind of investment experience they are looking for?

Chad: One of the key advantages we provide is that we are not product sales representatives, so we are unbiased in our approach to providing investment guidance.  Also, our team has created a structured research process which we believe leads to a deep and fair evaluation of investment ideas.  Our skills and experience help us discuss market and investment issues with clients in an easy to understand way.

Why do professional skills matter in Planning?

Perry: The first thing I would start with is what the definition of planning is for our firm. One thing to keep in mind is that planning for our clients is delivered by a completely different set of professionals than the investing team. Each of our dedicated planners holds the CFP® certification, which is the primary designation for our planners to achieve. Then we also have a dedicated support staff made up of Registered ParaplannersSM that help clients connect the client’s money to their goals and desired lifestyle. We help clients look at issues such as retirement, income tax minimization, estate planning, education planning for grandkids, and anything else in their financial life that is important to them. At the end of the day, we are helping our clients determine what steps they need to take today to make sure their future is exactly the way they want it.

What skills are required to help clients achieve their best life?

Perry: As planners wanting to help clients live their best life, Payne Wealth Partners believes the CFP® certification is an important designation for serving our clients. For paraplanners, the Registered ParaplannerSM designation shows a skills set in knowing the activities they are helping the planners and clients with. In addition, our planners have advanced degrees or certifications, whether it’s an MBA or specifically for financial services. All of these facets add to the ability of the planners to provide the deep work necessary that connects the client’s life, goals, and finances together.

What professional conferences do you and your team attend to help keep their skills set current?

Perry: We attend a number of different conferences as a team that help us maintain our edge. A few of those include retirement income summits, Ed Slott events, IRA Retirement Planning conferences, Notre Dame Estate Planning Conference, and the Heckerling Institute’s annual conference that focuses on Estate Planning and Business Planning.

These are just a few ways that professional skills help our team at Payne Wealth Partners and Keystone Financial Consulting help clients live their best lives.

Might your life and legacy benefit from our Skills?

Your future financial life is too important to outsource to just any financial advisor. I encourage you to look at your current situation and assess if your current financial partner has the credentials, knowledge and expertise to navigate your ever changing future possibilities. Let’s start a conversation about the skills you need to help live the life you want.


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