Women Entrepreneurs Overcome Pandemic Challenges

Women entrepreneurs reveal lessons from the pandemic and how they dealt with unprecedented times” focuses on women entrepreneurs in India. It highlights their businesses and the lessons they’ve learned as they navigate the pandemic as entrepreneurs.

Several entrepreneurs used a word we hear a lot in these times: pivot. Depending on your business and area of expertise, a pivot can be somewhat challenging or seem almost impossible. While some people found it easy to deliver their services online others may have had to revamp their entire business model to meet pandemic conditions.

Saying No: Some might say being inundated with opportunities and requests is a good problem to have…but it is not so good if you find you cannot say no. In the uncertainty of a pandemic, it could feel like you have to say yes even more than before since you cannot be certain of repeat business. However, if you quality of life or the quality of your work suffers, you will need to turn down some opportunities.

Relating to employees: Entrepreneurs who were used to talking to employees in person have had to find ways to work with employees remotely. A pharmaceutical executive spoke about how her industry has previously been slow to digitize and this provided challenges but she concluded, “Our people truly came through in all aspects and proved yet again the importance of hiring the right people and empowering them!”

Continuing despite challenges: One of the main lessons these women entrepreneurs have taken away from the pandemic so far is the need to keep going. They have had to remain flexible and e creative as they rose to the challenge of staying in business.

No matter what you have been doing, whether it is growing a business or maintaining your family finances as best you can, do not look down on all that you have accomplished. As the HerStory.com article suggests, “The skills developed during this period will help us navigate the next few years after the pandemic scare has passed.”

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